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Tonights known card: Shelton vs Maven (IC title) , HHH vs Randy , Tournamnet , Jericho vs HBK

Tournament Bracket

Matt VS Kane
Edge VS Test VS #1 contender

Interview with Matt
Interviewer: Matt you must be excited you are finally getting a chance to be world champ. How do you feel?

Matt: To be honest with you man I don’t care I mean I feel good but not about that I feel good cause I will get revenge on that monster Kane. I don’t care if I win tonight I just want revenge.

(Maven runs to the ring in excitement. Shelton’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring with the IC belt. Maven has a look of determination on his face as he and Shelton circle one another. Collar and elbow tie-up, maven gets the better of Shelton! Maven starts to work on Shelton’s arm with a hammerlock, Shelton reverses it into a hammerlock of his own. Shelton then applies a headlock which maven reverses into a wristlock and then another hammerlock Shelton then counters the hammerlock and applies a wristlock which maven countered with a snapmare takedown! Maven and Shelton then go nose to nose the two separate for a couple of seconds…then out of nowhere Shelton girley slapped Maven. Maven couldn’t believe it! Maven exploded and hit Shelton with a ferocious clothesline that sent Shelton down. Maven then hits Shelton with two hard scoop slams…1...2 Shelton kicks out at 2! Maven then attempts to irish whip Shelton into the corner but Shelton reversed it…Maven then got the better of Shelton when he jumped up in the air using the top rope and applied some sort of vertical head scissor manoeuvre! Shelton then swats Maven’s legs away hoping to throw him to the outside!!! Maven moves like a cruiserweight and lands on the ring apron! Maven was on the apron and he shoulder blocked Shelton in the gut! Maven then attempted to smash Shelton’s head into the top turnbuckle but Shelton countered and kicked maven to the outside of the ring! Maven was in agony on the floor, Shelton then rolled maven back into the ring...1…2 Maven kicked out at 2! Shelton then viscously strangled Maven with the use of the middle rope. Shelton continues the punishment on maven by bending Maven’s back over the top rope and clubbing his chest at the same time! Shelton then hit a neckbreaker on Maven…1…2 Maven kicks out at 2! Shelton then cinches on a modified camel clutch which caused even more distress onto the neck and back area of young Maven! Maven Tried to battle out of it but Shelton elbow dropped Maven’s back….1…2 Maven kicked out at 2! Shelton continues to work on the neck area by wrenching Maven’s neck. Maven got the crowd pumped and finally managed to break the hold by hitting Shelton in the abdomen with 2 desperate elbow shots, then Maven attempted to clothesline Shelton but he missed. Shelton quickly got the advantage back by executing a lighting fast 360 degree thrust kick to maven’s rib cage! Shelton then hit maven with powerslam pin. 1 – 2 – Maven still kicks out. Shelton is pissed and can’t believe it.Shelton then hits some pretty devastating forearm shots to the back of maven’s head…1…2 maven kicked out at 2! Maven plays possum for awhile and out of nowhere hits Shelton with a jaw breaker! Maven then punches Shelton in the stomach with a hard right hand! Shelton goes for a super kick but he missed, Maven then backed himself off the ropes and exploded at Shelton with a flying elbow! Maven then hits a reverse elbow! Maven was on fire and hit a hip toss on Shelton. Maven then backed Shelton off the ropes and hit him with that patented spinning wheel kick…1…2 Shelton kicked out at 2! Shelton tried to clothesline Maven but Maven countered it into a nice switch and go behind neckbreaker! Shelton and Maven get up at the same time, Shelton hits Maven with two hard shots to the face, Shelton tries to back Maven off the ropes but Maven Reversed it and hit Shelton with a modified CRUSHING flapjack like slam! Maven then signalled to the top rope! Shelton is out like a light Maven goes up to the top rope! He does a “COME ON!!!” hand gesture and hits Shelton with the most devastating missile dropkick in the business! Maven pins 1 – 2 Shelton gets a foot on the rope. Maven picks up Shelton and Shelton pushes him out of the way and quickly hits a super kick knocking Maven down and Shelton goes down as well. Shelton gets up and pins 1 – 2 – Maven kicks again. Shelton can’t believe it he gets in the refs Face and yells for a minute Maven gets up and dropkicks Shelton from behind and he lands on the ref knocking him down. Maven goes for a clothsline but Shelton ducks when Maven turns Shelton hits him with a low blow. Shelton slides out of the ring and grabs his IC belt. Maven stands up and Shelton nails him with the belt. He then slides back out to get a chair. Maven is busted open and when he stands back up he is it with a chair shot. Shelton throws the chair out and tries to wake the ref. Shelton pins 1 –2 –3 Shelton wins and is still IC champ the crowd went from cheering both men to booing Shelton.)

(The music of Triple H hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring and he will be going head to head with his former protégé Randy then makes his way to the ring. Randy Orton and Triple H stared each other down as Hebner ran through the rules of the match. The bell rang and both men didn't take their eyes off each other. They locked it up and Triple H backed Orton to the corner and then Orton reversed, with Triple H in the corner and gave a clean break. They locked it up again and Triple H took him down with a side headlock which was reversed with some leg scissors from Orton. The Game charged at Orton and Orton met him with right hands. Triple H came back but Orton blocked and whipped The Game in the corner. HHH walked out of the corner holding his back as Randy ran toward him. HHH saw Randy and gave him a high back body drop. Orton got to his feet pretty quick and went for a clothsline but HHH ducked behind Orton and hit him with a chop block to send Orton to the canvas. Grabbed Ortons leg and dragged himto the corner HHH then slid out of the ring. HHH went to slam Randy’s leg into the post, but Orton pulled Triple H in, so Triple H went into the post head first. HHH laid on the floor as Orton came out. Orton rolled the game back in and slid him self in. Orton lifted up the game but was quickly pushed back. HHH nailed Orton with a hard right hand Ortons stood and HHH nailed him with a hard clothsline. HHH then yelled at Orton a bit and went to pick him Orton hit The Game with a low blow and the ref just sort of smiled and ignored it. The crowd started yelling for Ortons cheering him on. Orton shoved the game in to the corner and ran at him with a clothsline. HHH started to stumble out of the corner and Orton went for the RKO but HHH pushed him off the ropes. Orton bounced off the ropes and HHH kicked him for a pedigree but Orton reversed in to a back body drop. Orton lifted up HHH but HHH started fighting back with right hands as Orton stumbled backward. HHH whipped Orton in to the corner and nailed him with a clothsline. HHH then hit Orton with a suplex as he stumbled out of the corner. Triple H dropped an elbow onto the knee of Orton, and worked it over on the mat. Orton escaped with some shots to the head of the Game with his healthy knee and then gave him a series of right hands and whipped Triple H to the ropes, but the Game came back with a face buster. HHH pinned but only got a two count. Triple H then drove the knee of Orton into the canvas. Triple H then locked in a Figure Four on Orton, leaving Orton writhing in pain. Orton tried to turn the move, but Triple H grabbed the ropes to send leverage back his way behind the back of the official. Orton again tried to turn the move over, but Triple H again used the ropes, but the referee caught him and made him break the hold. Triple H went for the Figure Four again, but Orton kicked him off into the top turnbuckle and both men are down. Triple H must have hit the ring post because he is busted open. Both men back up, and Orton hit some right hands and uppercuts on the Game. Orton then scored with a power slam and pinned but only got a two count. Orton went to work on Triple H in the corner with right hands and then hit a thumb to the eye and scored with a standing dropkick to the Game. Orton made the cover but Triple H kicked up a two. Orton then hit a nice DDT on the Game and made the cover but HHH again kicked out. Orton lifted the Game up and shoved him in to the corner. Orton reached for HHH but HHH grabbed him and throw Randy in to the corner. HHH gave Orton a few chops to the chest before Randy stumbled out of the corner HHH got behind Randy and put him in a sleeper hold. Orton reversed it into one of his own, and the Triple H gave him a back drop. Triple H went up to the top rope and came off but he was met with a boot from Orton. Orton then went up top and came off with a flying cross body for two. Orton clotheslined the Game to the outside. Orton followed him out and hammered away with right hands to the bloody head of the Game and then sent him head first into the ring steps. Back inside, and Triple H went for a clothesline but Orton ducked and hit his modified backbreaker for two. Orton was agitated by this time. Orton then grabbed the game and lifted him then hit him with a suplex. Orton went up top for an elbow drop but HHH quickly got to his feet and bounced off the ropes making Orton drop on to his balls. HHH the climbed up top and dropped Orton with a superplex off the top rope. Both men are down for a little while. The ref begins a count he gets to six as HHH gets to his feet. Orton starts to stand and HHH goes for him but Orton springs up out of no where and hits HHH with the RKO. Both men are down for a little bit and Orton brings up some strength to drag him self to The Game. Orton pins 1 - 2 - HHH barley kicks out almost a 3 cont less then half a second away. Orton drags him self off HHH and uses the ropes to pull him self back up. Orton then waits for The Game to stand again and goes for another RKO but HHH shoves him off the ropes. Orton comes back and HHH kicks him and hits him with a pedigree HHH pins 1 - 2 - 3 HHH wins. Batista then comes down after the match. Randy stands and HHH offers to give him the chance to join evolution again. HHH sticks out his hand and randy spits in his face. Batista then nails Randy from behind like a train. HHH wipes the spit out of his face and starts kicking Randy in the back off the head. It gets so bad even Batista tries to stop HHH. Eventually Batista and a bunch of refs pull HHH off of Randy and they leave Randy in the ring until a couple of refs lift him and help him out of the ring.)

(Matt Hardys music hits as he makes his way to the ring shortly followed by Kane. Kane lifts one leg over the rope to get in the ring and Matt kicks the Rope as hard as he can. Kane falls to the mat on the inside of the ring. Matt mounts Kane and starts nailing him in the head with right hands Matt goes up top for an elbow drop but Kane sits up and Matt misses. Kane then waits to get Matt with a chokeslam Kane grabs Matt by the throat but Matt kicks him hard between the legs. The ref yells at Matt for a little bit. Matt then kicks Kane in the back. Matt waits for Kane to stand kicks him in the mid section and goes for a twist of fate but Kane shoves Matt off the ropes Matt comes back and Kane goes for the big boot Matt ducks and bounces off the other side. Kane turns and Matt nails him with a flying clothsline. Matt then goes out of the ring and gets a chair. The ref tries to take it but Matt shoves the ref down when Kane stands Matt nails him with the chair. The ref calls for the bell and Kane wins by DQ and goes to the next round. After the match Matt continues to beat Kane with the chair. Matt finally leaves Kane in the ring bleeding and motionless. EMT’s come to help out Kane but he stands on his own and pushes them all out of the way and goes to the back trying to stay focused on the title. Kane gets to the back and an interviewer walks up to him.)

Interviewer: Kane what will you do about what Matt just did?

Kane: nothing

Interviewer: What?

Kane: Ever since I started here I have been about tearing people apart which yes is fun but what has it got me being champ for one day. I am tired off it Matt is nothing he is unimportant I just advanced in the tournament and I will win then I will be champ regardless who I face. I can still be a monster just a monster with goals, but Matt just remember I never forget and I never forgive.

(Test enters the ring. You think you know me you think you know me. Edge runs down the ramp and jumps in to the corner yelling words in to the air he then hops down and the ref rings the bell. They lock it up and Edge quickly hits Test with a knee in the gut. Edge then begins to hit Test with right hands. Edge then whps Test off the ropes and hits him with a flapjack slam. Edge taunts a bit and Test stands Edge starts hitting with right hands again followed by a spinning wheel kick. Edge goes to lift Test but Test pounces Edge in the gut twice. Test then whips Edge off the ropes goes for a clothsline Edge ducks and bounces off the other rope and nails Test with a clothsline. Edge then mounts Test and begins to hit him in the head. Edge grabs Test but Test pushes him away Test hits Edge with a few right hands. Test then kicks Edge in the mid section and runs off the ropes Edge quickly counters with a back body drop. Test gets to his feet quickly and both men grapple Edge puts Test in a headlock then quickly gets behind him for a hammerlock. Edge then pushes Test away and he bounces off the ropes. Upon his return Test is grabbed by Edge and dropped face first with an awesome move that hurts both your arm and face. Edge goes up top for an elbow drop but Test rolls out of the way. Test stands and when Edge gets up Test nails him with a clothsline. Test then lifts Edge and throws him over the ropes. Test takes this time to recover as he waits for Edge to get back up and in to the ring. Edge finally gets back in at an 8 count from the ref. Test goes for a clothsline but Edge rolls away and nails Test with a drop kick. Edge lifts Test up and Test starts fighting back with right hands. Test then whips Edge off the ropes and goes for the big boot Edge drops to the ground making Test think he hit it Test leans on the ropes for a second says some obscene words to the crowd and turns in to a clothsline to the outside from Edge. Edge sits in a corner and rests up a bit. Test slides back in and runs at Edge from the opposite corner. Edge runs at Test as well and nails him with a hard spear using the force from both men. Edge pins 1 - 2 - 3 EDGE WINS. Edge celebrates his advance in to the next round as Test hits him from behind Test then stomps on Edge a bit and when Edge stands Test hits him with a big boot and leaves. Eventually Edge gets up and walks to the back angry. Edge is shown walking back stage looking for Test Edge sees the evolution locker room where they are celebrating The Games clean win. Edge grabs a near by chair and kicks open the door. He almost instantly sees Test and swings. Test ducks and Edge hits Batista who was holding a glass of whine. Edge then hits Test and then he nails HHH. Edge throws down the chair and yells at evolution.)

(Kanes music hits as he walks to the ring to wait for Edge. Edge finally runs down with out any music and jumps in the ring. Kane quickly knocks Edge down with a clothsline. He then begins to choke Edge and take his anger out on him. The ref forces Kane to let go eventually. Kane lifts up Edge and whips him in to a corner. Kane hits Edge with a hard right followed by a back elbow and an uppercut. Kane then grabs Edge who starts fighting back with right hands. Edge then nails Kane with a spinning wheel kick. Edge mounts Kane and starts hitting him with right hands. Edge then bounces off the ropes and lands with a elbow drop. Edge climbs up top and when Kane stands Edge nails him with a drop kick. Edge lifts up Kane runs off the ropes and Kane grabs Edge by the throat. Kane then choke slams Edge and Edge hits so hard that he rolls out of the ring. Kane goes out and throws Edge back in. Kane pins 1 - 2 - Edge kicks out right at two. Kane gets mad and lifts up Edge but Edge kicks Kane in the gut. Edge then bounces off the rope behind Kane. Kane turns and is hit with a spear. Edge doesn’t pin he is to hurt and can’t get back up. The ref begins a double count and only gets to 5 and Edge stands Edge then sees Kane getting up as well and nails him with a quick clothsline but Kane stands right back up. Kane goes for a clothsline but Edge ducks and tips Kane over the top rope. Kane slides back in and Edge quickly gets behind him to hit Kane with a belly to back suplex. Edge then mounts Kane and hits him with a few right hands. Edge waits for Kane to stand and hits Kane with a drop kick Edge then back in to a corner. HHH starts walking down the ramp. Edge sees HHH and starts yelling at him. Kane stands and Edge turns in to a big boot. Kane pins 1 – 2 – Edge barley kicks out. Kane picks up Edge but Edge pushes Kane away and runs off the ropes Edge goes for the spear on Kane but Kane moves and Edge hits the ref. Edge is shocked and turns Kane goes for a chokeslam but Edge kicks him in the balls and runs off the ropes and nails Kane with a spear. Edge tries to wake the ref but can tell that right at this moment it is useless so he turns to go back to work on Kane. By this time HHH is in the ring and kicks Edge below the waist and sets him up for a pedigree. HHH drops Edge with the pedigree and slides out of the ring. Kane finally gets up and waits for Edge to stand Edge stands and Kane nails him with a chokeslam. Kane then pins Edge but there is no ref suddenly a ref runs down the ramp and counts one two three as Kane is now the number one contender. HHH quickly leaves. Kane walks out of the ring content with his win. Edge eventually gets up and leaves pissed as hell.)

(HBK makes his way to the ring, then the world champion Y2J makes his way to the ring. HBK exploded on Jericho with right hands the moment Y2J entered the ring. HBK got Jericho against the ropes and knocked him out of the ring with a clothsline. He then nailed him with a baseball slide. HBK went out and threw Jericho in the ring. HBK slid back in and waited for Jericho to stand. When Jericho stood HBK hit him with a drop kick and then did a quick pin but barley even got a two. HBK got up but Jericho got to his feet faster. Jericho nailed the veteran with a spinning heel kick to the side of the head. He then picked up HBK Irish whiped into the turnbuckle and then Jericho went for a Bulldog but HBK pushed him away and Jericho nailed the turnbuckle. Jericho hit the ground. Shawn then locked Jericho in the Figure-4 Leglock in the middle of the ring. Jericho got to the ropes. HBK lifted Jericho up but Jericho kicked him in the gut. Jericho slammed Michaels into the turnbuckle, shoulder-first. Jericho then punched on HBK in the corner for a little while. Jericho lifted HBK and went for clothsline but HBK did a back body drop launching Jericho over the top rope. When Jericho got back in the ring HBK went for the dropkick and Jericho caught his feet and got him in a Boston Crab. Jericho let go realizing that there was no way HBK would tap. Jericho waited for HBK to stand and drop kicked him. Jericho then lifted HBK and nailed him with a spine buster. Jericho proceeded to taunt Michaels and tell him he is better than him. Jericho went for the pin and Michaels managed to kick out. Jericho went for an arrogant cover with one foot on HBK and he kicked out.Jericho locked a side headlock on Michaels in the middle of the ring. HBK got to his feet and broke the hold and tried to break the offense of Y2J. Jericho hit the ropes and Shawn hit a DDT, but both men were down on the mat fighting the 10-count. Jericho got to his feet first. Jericho whipped off the ropes and nailed Shawn with a flying forearm and then mocked Michaels while he was down. Jericho did a dance. HBK sprung to his feet when Jericho turned HBK nailed him with a flying forearm then showed Jericho how the dance was done. Jericho got back up and HBK nailed him with an atomic drop. HBK went up top and jumped off with a flying elbow drop. HBK pinned 1 - 2 - Jericho barley kicked out. HBK got him self ready for the sweet chin music when Jericho stood he ducked the foot HBK turned and was grabbed by his legs and put in to the walls of Jericho. HBK took the pain for a good 9 seconds before getting to the ropes Jericho was forced to let go. Jericho started stomping his foot mocking HBK and went for the sweet chin music when HBK stood but HBK ducked and nailed Jericho with a super kick. HBK pinned Jericho 1 - 2 - Jericho kicked out balrey again. HBK can’t believe it. HBK then lifts Jericho and tosses him in to the corner. HBK runs at him with a clothsline but Jericho ducks and HBK runs straight in to the corner and walks out holding his head. Jericho runs behind HBK and nails him with a bulldog. Jericho springs off the ropes for a lion sault but HBK gets his knees up. Both men are down again. The ref gets to 6 before both men stand. They both turn and are right in eachothers faces. They stare down breathing hard and heavy. Jericho then nods his head and sticks out his hand HBK looks down and nods his head. HBK goes to shake Jericho’s hand but Jericho quickly nails HBK with a right hand followed by another and then another. Jericho then hits HBK with a spinning wheel kick. Jericho goes up top and waits for HBK to stand. Jericho hits HBK with a cross body but HBK turns it in to a pin 1 - 2 - 3 HBK wins. Jericho quickly gets up with a shocked look on his face HBK slides out of the ring and gets the title. Jericho is so shocked he isn’t even moving. HBK walks up the ramp backwards holding the title for everyone to see. Survivor Series is over.)
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