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Tonights known card: HBK vs Jericho

(Flairs music hits as he walks to the ring and gets a mic.)

Flair: Wooo!! Look at me out here tonight styling and profiling wooo! You like this tux? I thought so. Ok so tonight we have one match well that would be ok if Bischoff was still in charge but he’s not. So tonight we need a match I know I made a number one contenders match last week Shelton won but Val deserves a chance so if you can pin Test in a non title match tonight Val you will be in the match at no mercy as well. Big man Batista well lets see how big a man you are when you face the monster Kane. Now to my good friend HHH Edge beat you like a step child at unforgiven and I will at no mercy. While I was a member of Evolution it was great at first. I then noticed the slow decline of concern toward me. It shifted to every one else and not me then it slowly became just HHH. I am the nature boy Ric Flair I am not your bitch Hunter you are the game and yes you are that damn good but I am just that much better. We will fight me and you. I will not let you cheat your way through it because it will be no DQ falls count anywhere. But tonight HHH you will go against the man beast rhyno. Oh and hunter I will be the special guest referee.

(Flair exits the ring. Val’s music hits he jogs to the ring with a smile on his face. Tests music then hits as he come to the ring in a bad mood. Test slides in the ring and Val locks it up with him Val quickly puts Test in a headlock. Val then turns behind Test and has him in a arm lock. Val lets go swings around in to a DDT but Test reverses it in to a spine buster. Val stands Clothesline by Test, then a Full Nelson Slam 1-2-Val gets his shoulder up. Test waits for Val to stand then he runs at him with a shoulder tackle. Test misses a shoulder tackle, allowing Val to hit a belly-back suplex Val then drops on Test with an elbow drop. Val pins Test kicks out. Scopp slam by Val, then a knee drop 1-2-kickout. Val locks in a sleeper. Test fights out and back body drops Val. Test then waits for Val to stands and nails him with a clothsline. Test picks him up and hits him with a tilt-a-whirl slam 1-2-shoulder up. Test yells at the ref giving Val enough time to get up they run at each other and both go down. Val gets to his feet first and kicks Val in the gut as he starts to stand. Val then hits Test with a snap suplex and goes up top Val goes for the money shot and Test quickly slides out of the ring just in time for Val to slam right in to the mat. Test gets a chair and slide in the ring when Val stands Test nails him with the chair Val wins by DQ but no pin so he doesn’t get a shot. Test then beats on Val until Shelton finally runs down the ramp Test stands and Shelton starts punching him on Test falls on to the ropes Shelton then hits Test with a dropkick and Test goes flying over the top rope. Shelton then yells at Test over the rope as Test walks backwards up the ramp. Eventually both Shelton and Val exit the ring.)

(Kanes music hits as he walks to the ring. Batistas music hits and he heads to the ring. Both men stand about 5 feet away from each other staring down one another. They lock up Kane shoves Batista down Batista gets back up. Kane punches Batista and he whips him, but Batista counters and clotheslines him in the corner. Batista hits a couple of shoulders and taunts Kane. Batista tries to whip Kane, but Kane doesn’t move Kane then yanks Batista toward him and hits a sidewalk slam. Kane signals for the chokeslam, but Batista fights out and Kane hits an uppercut. Kane picks up Batista and Batista starts fighting back with right hands which has Kane barely able to stay on his feet but he still manages to stand. Batista hits a spinebuster on Kane and Kane sits up. Batista clubs on Kane and picks him up for a body slam Kane sits again. Batista starts hitting Kane but Kane finally grabs Batistas hand and hits him with a hard right hand that knocks him down Batista stands and Kane nails him with a big boot. Kane grabs Batista but Batista hits Kane with a low blow that the ref missed. Batista hits Kane with a Batista bomb but gets a very very near fall. Batista can’t believe it especially when Kane sits up again. Batista backs to the corner as Kane stands. Batista runs at him for a hard clothsline but Kane ducks Batista runs in to the other corner and hits his chest hard. Batista turns and Kane slaps his hand on Batistas throat and hits him with a chokeslam. Kane pins him and gets a 3 count. The winner is Kane.)

(HBK enters as the crowd goes crazy. Jericho comes down to a huge pop as well. Both men get in the ring. The two lock up and HBK starts off with an arm hold and shoulder charges. Jericho reverses the hold and yanks on the arm of HBK. HBK reverses into a wrist lock but Jericho spring up HBK takes him down by the head. HBK picks up Jericho. Michaels gets a shot to the gut by Jericho. Jericho ducks a clothesline and tosses HBK to the outside but HBK holds on. HBK gets Jericho by the neck with his feet HBK tosses Jericho over the rope with his feet and pulls him self back in the ring. HBK does a little dance HBK slides out and rolls Jericho back in the ring. HBK slides in but Jericho quickly jumps up grabs Shawns legs and yanks him to the ground going for the walls but HBK kicks him back. HBK rolls back to his feet and runs at Jericho for a cloths line but Jericho ducks and Shawn runs in to the corner Shawn turns and Jericho slaps him in the chest a few times with the back of his hand. Jericho throws HBK off the ropes. HBK bounces off the ropes into a backbreaker by Jericho. Jericho picks up HBK and whips him in to the corner. Jericho places HBK on the top rope and he goes for a superplex but Michaels picks him up and flapjack suplexes him to the mat! Michaels then comes down with the elbow and he calls for the Sweet Chin Music! Jericho stands and is nailed with the foot to his chin but Jericho is hit so hard he flys over the top rope. Shawn goes out side and rolls Jericho back in. Shawn slides in but as soon as he enters an explosion goes off and Shawn starts looking for Kane but Kane slides in behind him Shawn turns right in to a big boot. Jericho gets up and is chokeslam. Kane grabs Shawn and throws him out of the ring and goes to turn his attention to Jericho but Jericho slid out of the ring both men leave with Kane standing in the ring staring at both with an evil smirk on his face. Kane eventually leaves.)

(Flairs music hits as he is followed to the ring by Rhyno. Then HHH enters and slides in the ring. HHH starts yelling at Flair. HHH then faces Rhyno and Rhyno jumps on him with quick right hands. Flair quickly gets out of the way. Rhyno punches HHH in to the corner where he begins thrusting his shoulder in to the games stomach. Rhyno then grabs HHH and goes to throw him to the corner across the ring but HHH pulls Rhyno right in to a clothsline. HHH picks Rhyno up and hits him with a hard right that knocks him down. Flair gets in The Games face for using a closed fist. HHH pushes Flairdown. HHH tosses Rhyno over the top rope. Flair hits HHH from behind and knocks him in to the corner. HHH turns and Flair hits him with three consecutive Back chops. HHH stumbled out of the corner and Rhyno ran at him with a Gore but HHH moved and Rhyno hit the turnbuckle just then Edge ran down the ramp and When HHH finished laughing at Rhyno he turned and was hit with a spear. Flair put Rhyno on HHH and counted fast to three. Rhyno wins it. Raw goes off the air.)
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