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JR: What a night last night. We came out with two injurys both Maven and Benoit are both on the injury list.

(The games music hits as he walks to the ring.)
HHH: Last night Flair made a mistake. Tonight Flair you will atone for that mistake. Flair I want you to get your ass out here….NOW!
(Vince Mcmahons music hits.)

Vince: I may not be Flair but I have news concerning him. Now I have noticed a decline in Raw as of late it has fallen I put the blame on two people one is Eric Bischoff and the other is you HHH. Now HHH you will be put in check as will Bischoff. Right now Bischoff you are the GM. When Flair arrives Bischoff you will be FIRED!!! HHH you will be shown the real world. The world with out the GM in you back pocket.
(Vince leaves soon followed by HHH with a shocked look on his face.)

(Jerichos music hits. He walks to the ring.)

Jericho: Last nights victory was bitter sweet. Last night I won the world title I am the champ but before I was able to celebrate my happiness was yanked away by that ass clown Kane. I would be out here bragging celebrating but instead I am out here telling Kane to get out here and face me face to face.

(Kanes music hits as he walks to the ramp. Jericho gets in Kanes face and Kane takes the mic)
Kane: You know Jericho you can celebrate you can be happy that you won but come no mercy the title is mine.

(Jericho hits Kane with a right hand Kane just turns his head back and smiles. Jericho hits him again Kane is once again unaffected. Jericho swings again but Kane grabs his fist and nails him with an uppercut just then HBK runs down the ramp and hits Kane with a flying forarm. HBK springs back up to his feet and smacks his foot to the ground 3 times Kane turns in to the sweet chin music. Jericho stands up and HBK hits him with the sweet chin music as well just then Flairs music hits.)

Flair: Woooo!! I just arrived and boy is this show up to a good start. Well I can see you three are at each others throats so come no mercy it will be a triple threat match between Jericho Kane and HBK. Well now tonight we have no matches so tonight how about we have a tast tonight Kane will face Jericho and next week Jericho will face HBK. Now all of you out of my ring HBK has already left so take his cue.

(Flair walks down the ramp as Kane and Jericho both leave.)

Flair: now that I am in my place the ring. I will now get further to business. Tonight Test there will be a number one contender match for youre belt. Between Val Venis and a surprise superstar. Now to the man who lost to Edge last night tonight you will have the night off you seem like you could use a cooling down so as we speak you are probably already in your car escorted by security. So lets get this show on the road.

(Flair leaves and Val’s music hits as he walks to the ring wondering who he will face.. Then SHELTON BENJAMIN’s music hits. Shelton runs to the ring and gets in the corner with his arms up. The crowd is going crazy. Val then hits Shelton from behind. Shelton this the corner face first. Val rolls up Shelton from behind but only gets a two count. Val starts stomping on Shelton. Val then picks Shelton up and throws him in the corner. Val walks up to him and Shelton grabs Val and throws him in the corner instead. Shelton begins to punch Val over and over. Shelton then throws Val to the other corner and hits him with a a clothsline. Val stumbles out of the corner and Shelton grabs him from behind and hits him with a germen suplex pin combination. Shelton gets a two but Val kicks out. Shelton grabs Bal but Val quickly drops Shelton with a jaw breaker. Val slowly walks to the corner and climbs up top for a money shot, but Shelton quickly jumps up the corner and hits him with an arm drag. Shelton climbs back up and hits an elbow drop on Val. Shelton picks up Val but Val goes for a clothsline. Shelton quickly ducks and hits Val with a superkick. Shelton pins and gets a 3 count. SHELTON BENJAMIN is the number one contender for the IC belt.)

(Kanes music hits as he comes to the ring. Jericho then enters. Kane has Jericho in a hold but Jericho fights back and dropkicks Kane into the corner. Kane chops Jericho hard and throws him off. Jericho climbs back and hits a few punches before Kane throws him off again. Jericho hits a cross body block from the top after evading Kane for a two count. Kane regains control with strong blows. He then picks Jericho up over his head to drop him on the ropes. Kane works on Jericho bending him like a pretzel in the corner on the ring using the ring post.Back in the ring Kane hits a sidewalk slam and he starts to work on the back of Jericho as it seems Kane has hurt it a bit. Jericho is in a bear hug trying to fight back but Kane drops him right on his back. Kane goes for an elbow but misses and Jericho fights with chops and punches to Kane. Jericho gets whipped but gets a boot up. He drop toe holds Kane onto the ropes and runs at him with the knee. Kane however hits a big boot and climbs the ropes but Y2J hits a springboard dropkick and Kane is stuck sitting on the top turnbuckle. Jericho climbs up to fight Kane but Kane shoves him down. Kane waits and jumps for the clothesline but Jericho gets a dropkick to his mid section. Both men are down as the ref counts, but Kane sits up for more and calls for the chokeslam!
Kane goes for the chokeslam but Jericho slides out and clips Kane's knee. Jericho goes for the walls but Kane shoves him off. Kane goes for the big boot but gets his foot hung up in the corner. Jericho takes out the other knee and goes for the walls again but Kane gets the ropes! Kane then goes for a big boot on Jericho but he ducks and Kane hits the ref. Jericho runs off the ropes but Kane hits him with a clothsline. Kane slides out of the ring and grabs a chair Kane comes back in. Kane swings at Jericho but Jericho ducks Kane hits the ropes with the chair it bounces and hits him in the head. Kane is dizzy and picks the chair up to hit Jericho again even though he can’t think straight Jericho then drop kicks the chair in to his head. The chair flies out of the ring. The ref starts to get up and Jericho springs off the ropes with a lion sault. The ref counts to three and Jericho wins.)
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would be a great match idea.
So you like the HBK Kane Jericho angle huh?

What about Flair as GM?

I don't like to brag but I think my Raws get very very good after and right before no mercy oh yea I put No Mercy instead of Taboo Tuesday.