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Tonights knowns card: Maven vs Test (IC title) , Kane vs HBK , HHH vs Edge , Benoit vs Jericho (world title).

(Maven has a look of determination on his face as he and Test circle one another. Collar and elbow tie-up, maven gets the better of Test. Maven starts to work on Tests arm with a hammerlock, Test reverses it into a hammerlock of his own. Test then applies a headlock which maven reverses into a wristlock and then another hammerlock, Test then counters the hammerlock and applies a wristlock which maven countered with a snapmare takedown! Push’s Test then gets in Maven’s face! Test Push’s Maven and Maven Push’s Test back! then out of nowhere Test girley slapped the FIRST EVER MALE TOUGH ENOUGH WINNER. Maven couldn’t believe it! Maven exploded and hit Test with a ferocious clothesline that sent Test. Maven then hits Test with two hard scoop slams…1...2 Test kicks out at 2! Maven then attempts to irish whip Test into the corner but Test reversed it…Maven then got the better of Test when he jumped up in the air using the top rope and applied some sort of vertical head scissor manoeuvre! Test then swats Maven’s legs away hoping to throw the athletic rookie to outside!!! Maven moves like a cruiserweight and lands on the ring apron! Maven was on the apron and he shoulder blocked Test in the gut! Maven then attempted to smash Test head into the top turnbuckle but Test countered and kicked maven to the outside of the ring!
Maven was in agony on the floor, Test then rolled maven back into the ring...1…2 Maven kicked out at 2! Test then viscously strangled Maven with the use of the middle rope. Test continues the punishment on maven by bending Maven’s back over the top rope and clubbing his chest at the same time! Test then hit a neckbreaker on Maven…1…2 Maven kicks out at 2! Test then cinches on a modified camel clutch which caused even more distress onto the neck and back area of young Maven! Maven Tried to battle out of it but Test elbow dropped Maven’s back….1…2 Maven kicked out at 2! Test continues to work on the neck area by wrenching Maven’s neck. Maven got the crowd pumped and finally managed to break the hold by hitting Test in the abdomen with 2 desperate elbow shots, then Maven attempted to clothesline Test but he missed. Test quickly got the advantage back by executing a lighting fast 360 degree thrust kick to maven’s rib cage! Test then hit mavenwith a sidewalk slam …1…2 Maven kicked out at 2!. Test then hits some pretty devastating forearm shots to the back of maven’s head…1…2 maven kicked out at 2! Test gets pissed off at the ref. Maven plays possum for awhile and out of nowhere hits Test with a jaw breaker! Maven then punches Test in the stomach with a hard right hand! Maven then backed himself off the ropes and exploded at Rico with a flying elbow! Maven then hits a reverse elbow. Maven was on fire and hit a hip toss on Test. Maven then backed Test off the ropes and hit him with that patented spinning wheel kick…1…2 Test kicked out at 2! Maven picks Test up only to be shoved down by the power of Test. Maven gets back up but Test hits him with a hard Right hand Maven falls but gets back up runs off the ropes but Is nailed with a lightning fast big boot out of no where. Test pins Maven for a three count. Test is once again the IC champ. Test then begins pounding on Maven with the IC belt. Maven is busted wide open Test tosses him over the top rope Test climbs out and slams Mavens head in to the steel post. Test then leaves Maven out side the ring a bloddy mess as the EMT’s rush to him.)
(Kanes music hit and he came to the ring. The music of HBK sounded through the arena barley able to be heard over the crowd going nuts. Shawn Michaels and Kane locked up and Kane sent Michaels to the corner and went to work with right hands, but Michaels came back and took Kane down with a Lou Thesz Press and hit some rights and then went to work on Kane in the corner and kicked him right to the outside of the ring! Michaels went for a baseball slide, but Kane moved and scored with a few right hands and went for a clothesline but Michaels moved and Kane hit the ring post. Hbk then slid Kane in to the ring.Michaels came off the top rope and Kane scored with an uppercut. Kane sent Michaels head first into the buckle and then scored with some more rights in the corner and stuck his boot in the face of the Heartbreak Kid. Kane then scored with a clothesline in the corner and made the cover for two. Kane slammed Michaels down and went for an elbow drop, but Michaels moved and clotheslined Kane to the outside and skinned the cat to get himself back inside. Michaels then hit a dive over the top onto Kane and hit some more right hands. Kane naild HBK with a punch to the mid section and an uppercut and then sent Michaels into the barricade and began to dissemble the Spanish Announce Table. Kane gave Michaels a press slam onto the table, and the table did not break. Kane then suplexed Michaels right through the table. Kane threw Michaels back inside and made the cover, but Michaels kicked up. Kane stomped on the throat area of Michaels and then hit a huge leg drop and made the cover for two. Kane began to choke away at Michaels and then whipped Michaels hard into the corner, which sent Michaels down. Kane draped Michaels across the ring apron and then hit some shots to the throat area and then dragged him outside and scored with an uppercut. Kane sent Michaels head first into the apron and then sent him back inside. Kane sent Michaels to the corner and charged in, but Michaels got his foot up. Kane came back with a side slam for a two count and then locked in a neck vice. Michaels fought to his feet and escaped the hold with a right hand and a chop to the chest, but Kane picked up Michaels with a choke and then threw Michaels to the canvas. Kane went right back to the neck vice on Michaels. Michaels fought out but was knocked down with a clothesline for two. Michaels came back with a DDT. Michaels and Kane traded right hands and Michaels sent Kane down with a flying forearm and then nipped up to his feet as Kane sat up. Michaels scored with some chops and went to whip Kane to the corner, but Kane reserved and sent Michaels to the corner, sending him outside. Kane followed him out and sent Michaels head first into the ring steps and then grabbed a steel chair.
Michaels is busted open and Kane sends him back inside the ring and then throws the chair inside. Kane picked up the chair and went to hit Michaels, but Michaels hit a low blow to Kane. Kane came back with a series of rights, t Kane sent him outside with a back elbow. Kane then went to kick Michaels in the ring post, but Michaels moved and Kane straddled himself and Michaels sent him head first into the post. Back inside, and Michaels scored with an inverted atomic drop and then a huge clothesline to knock Kane down. The bloody Shawn Michaels then climbed the turnbuckle and he scored with a flying elbow to the heart of Kane. The crowd came alive and Michaels began banding his foot in the corner, tuning up the band. Michaels went for Sweet Chin Music but Kane avoided it with a big boot and made the cover and Michaels kicked up! Kane then went up top and hit a flying clothesline to knock Michaels down and then signalled for the choke slam. Kane went for the choke slam and nailed HBK with it. Kane almost got a three count but HBK barley kicked out. Kane picked him up bounced him off the ropes went for a big boot Shawn ducked under it Kane turned and was nailed with a sweet chin music HBK fell on top of Kane as the ref counted to three. HBK wins the match. HBK struggled to pull him self up and Kane set him self right up and stood to his feet. HBK turned and Kane nailed him with a chockslam. Kane then left the ring with shawn down on the ground.)

(Edge came to the ring followed shortly after by HHH. Edge and HHH locked . HHH locked in a side headlock and Edge escaped and locked in one of his own. HHH whipped Edge to the ropes but Edge came back with a shoulder block! They locked it up for a third time and HHH wrenched on the arm of Edge but Edge reversed it and locked in a side headlock and then hit another shoulder block off the ropes. HHH took control of Edge with some shots to the back and stomped him on the mat and locked in yet another side headlock. Edge fought out and the two ran the ropes and Edge again knocked HHH down with a shoulder block and locked in another side headlock on the mat. HHH battled out and whipped Edge and Edge hit three shoulder blocks to knock HHH down and outside the ring. HHH began to walk to the back but Edge came out after him and attacked him from behind and brought him back to ringside and sent him into the ring. HHH then threw Edge over the top rope to the outside and admired what he just did. HHH sent Edge head first into the apron and then suplexed him inside. HHH made the cover for two and then started punching Edge over and over again. HHH stomped the abdomen of Edge on the mat. HHH picked Edge up. HHH snapmared Edge down and then wrenched on the neck and head of Edge. Edge Begins to stand and hits a few elbows to the gut Edge bounces off the ropes and then Edge fights back with a flying forarm.HHH stands up and then Edge nails him with a clothesline to knock HHH down. Edge sent HHH to the ropes, but HHH held on and Edge clotheslined him to the outside. Edge then hit a baseball slide to knock HHH down. Edge then hit a clothesline from the apron to knock HHH down again and then threw HHH back inside. Edge ascended the buckle and scored with a missle dropkick for a two count. Edge called for the Spear but HHH gut his knee up and then hit a modified backbreaker on Edge for a close fall. Edge rolled to the outside and HHH followed him out. HHH hit an elbow to the throat of Edge on the apron. HHH then slides in and brings Edge in with him HHH throws Edge off the roeps and hits him with a high knee. HHH choked Edge against the ropes and then dragged him to the middle of the ring and continued to choke Edge out. HHH worked on the head of Edge. HHH hit a legdrop for a two count . Orton was met by an elbow from Edge in the corner and Edge charged at Orton, but Orton hit a knee to the abdomen and Edge flipped forward and landed on his back. HHH again worked over the neck of Edge on the ropes HHH then grabed Edge and hit him with a snap suplex. HHH grabed Edge kicked him in the mid section and positioned him for a pedigree. Edge grabed HHH’s legs and pulled them out from under him then Edge tossed HHH in to the corner face first HHH’s arm hit the ref out side. Both men are down as is the ref just then Ric Flair who we havn’t seen for a month starts running down the ramp. Flair slides in the ring and gets in between Edge and HHH who both just got to their feet. Edge gets a oh shit im screwed look on his face and HHH gets a huge smile and begins to nod. Just then Flair turns from facing Edge to HHH and kicks him hard below the belt. Flair quickly jumps out of the ring as Edge nails HHH with a spear Flair throws the ref in and he counts to three. Flair leaves Edge does a small celebration and leaves. HHH has a shocked look on his face as he holds his gut and walks up the ramp.)

(Benoit's music hits and he comes out. He slides in the ring and taunts. Jericho's music hits and he comes out. He taunts at the top of the stage. Jericho and Benoit lock up and Benoit gets behind Jericho and locks his hands around his waist. He picks him up and drops him down, face first. He locks in a front face lock. Benoit and Jericho rise up, Benoit keeping the hold applied. Benoit grabs Jericho's tights and hits a snap suplex. He gets up and stomps Jericho. He picks Jericho up and hits a backbreaker. He goes over to his arm and locks in an armbar. Jericho screams in pain but gets to the ropes. Benoit and Jericho both up and Benoit runs with a clothesline but Jericho ducks. He turns around and Jericho gives him a dropkick. Jericho stomps at Benoit. He runs and hits an elbow. He taunts. Jericho picks Benoit up and gives a fisherman suplex. 1 2 Kickout! Jericho climbs the ropes. Benoit gets up but stumbles into the rope, dropping Jericho. Benoit climbs and goes to give Jericho a superplex but Jericho pushes him off. Jericho gets back up. Benoit gets up and Jericho launches off and hits a missile dropkick. Jericho pins him cockily but Benoit kicks out at 1. Jericho picks Benoit up and delivers a bodyslam. He drops a leg on Benoit. He picks Benoit up and whips Benoit to the ropes but Benoit reverses. Benoit hits a back body drop. Benoit climbs to the top. He hits a headbutt. He covers. 1 2 Jericho just gets the shoulder up! He picks Jericho up and locks his hands around his waist. One German! Two German! Benoit goes for a third but Jericho lands on his feet. Benoit turns around and Jericho trips him from underneath. He goes for the Walls of Jericho! Jericho locks it on and Benoit screams in pain. After about 8 or 9 seconds Benoit reaches the ropes finally. Jericho slaps the back of Benoit’s head and picks him up. Jericho goes to launch Benoit to the corner but Benoit reverses and throws Jericho to the corner Benoit runs at him with a clothsline. Jericho stumbles out of the corner and Benoit grabs him and hits him with a snap suplex. Benoit goes up top for another headbutt. Just then while Benoit is up top Kanes explosion goes off. Benoit stops and look. Jericho jumps in to the ropes and Benoit falls on his balls then falls to the mat Jericho runs off the ropes and does a lion saul. Jericho gets a 3 count and becomes the new world champ. Kane slides in to the ring just as Jericho is standing. Jericho is hit with a big boot. Benoit starts to stand and Kane hits him with a chockslam. Kane grabs a mic.)
Kane: This is my turn I am putting my mark in the world title picture. I will not stop tearing everyone apart until I get a shot.
(Kane then grabs a chair and slides in the ring Jericho quickly exits leaving Benoit alone. Benoit gets up and Kane nails him with a chair shot. While Benoit is down Kane hits him over and over and over with the chair. Kane throws the chair and leaves a bloody motionless Benoit. Unforgiven goes off air with Benoit motionless. Benoit's laying in the ring a bloody mess and title less.)
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