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Tonight’s known card: Maven and Edge vs Test and HHH , Contract

(Erics Bischoffs music hits he then grabs a mic.)
I have a huge announcement via Vince Mcmahon. This concerns smackdown and raw. We all know as of late the tag division here on Raw has fallen as has the diva one. We have decided that smackdown will be the only show with a tag division. They will also take on the womans championship. This said the divas will be moving to smackdown. Now I know there are some people here who would like to stay with the tag division two teams I know of that really wish to so tonight Rob Conway will face Hurricane the winner takes their partner to smackdown with the titles. I know some of you love the tag team division but we just have two much to manage here on Raw. So this match will begin… Now.

(both men come out and begin to fight Rob starts pounding hurricane in the corner less then a minute in to the match Robs partner and Rosey both run down to the ring and a huge brawl breaks out. Rob gets knocked out of the ring by Rosey. Rosey gets knocked out by Sylvain. Hurricane then runs at Sylvain with a clothsline and they both fly out of the rng. Bischoff is standing at ring side in amazement. All four men just start brawling like crazy Bischoff grabs a mic.)

Bischoff: Fine this match is a double DQ no winner. So ill send both teams to smackdown for a temporary basis upon my discretion you will return it could be one of you or all of you or even none. It is all up to me.

(HBK is shown backstage being interviewed.)
HBK: You know Kane I was sitting at home after you injured me and all I could think about was getting back in to the ring and getting reven….

(Kane his HBK from behind Kane then grabs HBK and throws him in to the steel fence nearby. Kane starts chocking HBK with his foot. Kane then grabs HBK and starts punching him in the head. Kane then yelled some words at HBK and left)

(Bischoff leaves as HHH and Test make their way to the ring. Maven comes down the ramp but waits outside the ring. Edges music hits as he runs down the ramp and both men slide in the ring. Edge starts pounding HHH and Maven starts pounding on Test. Edge clothsline’s HHH out of the ring and Maven back body drops Test out. Both men yell a little bit and Edge starts the match off. Test slides in the ring. Edge grabs Test and throws him off the ropes, Edge hits Test with a back elbow. Edge runs to Tests corner and hits HHH but turns and Test nails Edge with a clothsline. Test grabs Edge and starts punching him while he is in the corner. Test then sets Edge on the rop rope and gets ready for a superplex, but Edge pushs him off the top rope and does an elbow drop to Test. HHH tries to get in the ring but the ref stops him. HHH is yelling and screaming while Edge is mocking him behind the refs back HHH then goes back through the ropes on to the apron. Edge bouncs off the ropes and collides with HHH . HHH falls off the apron and hits his head on the barrier out side the ring. Test gets up while Edge is turned yelling at HHH laughing at him. Edge turns and Test goes for the big boot but Edge ducks and gets behind Test. Edge grabs Test by the back of the head and yanks him down to the mat Edge grabs Tests leg and gets a two count. Edge picks Test up and hits him with a suplex. Edge tags in maven who waits for Test to stand and nails a drop kick on him. Maven then climbs up top and hits Test with an elbow drop. Maven pins Test but only gets a two count. Maven grabs Test and bounces him off the ropes Maven goes for a clothsline but Test ducks goes off the other rope and when Maven turns Test hits him with a big boot. Test pins but Edge pulls him off Test grabs Edge before he climbs out and starts punching him. Test gets Edge in to the corner but Maven gets up and hits Test from behind maven clothsline’s Test out of the ring but turns and HHH slides in and kicks Maven below the belt and hits him with a pedigree. HHH stands and Edge nails him with a spear. Test comes back in and goes for the big boot but Edge ducks and hits Test with a spear when he turns around. Edge grabs Maven puts him on top of Test and the ref counts to three. Maven and Edge win. Edge and Maven leave the ring. Edge walks up yelling things at HHH while Maven just walks up the ramp holding the IC belt in the air.)

(The red carpet is down and a desk is set up in the ring.. Jericho makes his way to the ring followed by Benoit. Benoit puts his signature on the contract then hands it to Jericho. Then Jericho does the same. They stare at each other as Kanes music hits. Kane comes down the ramp and in to the ring. Both men are shocked as Kane nails Benoit with a right hand. Jericho looks at Kane with a confused look and then Kane hits him with a right hand. Benoit stands up and Kane hits him with a chock slam. Jericho stands and Kane his him with a chock slam. Kane grabs the belt and sets it on the ground lifts his hands in to the air and makes an explosion in the corners HBK runs down the ramp and Kane turns. As soon as Kane sees Shawn he is hit with a super kick. Raw then ends.)
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