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tonight’s known card: Maven vs. Val Venis, , Garrison Cade vs. Edge

(Benoit’s music hits as he walks to the ring. Benoit then grabs a mic.)
Benoit: Jericho I want you to come down to this ring.

(Jericho’s music hits Jericho slides in the ring and gets a mic of his own. Both men stare each other in the eye and Benoit sticks out his hand.)

Benoit: We have a match at unforgiven. Like you or not I will treat you how I would treat any one else in that ring this belt is mine and it will stay that way.

Jericho: see while I agree that I like you as well I agree that we have a match I agree that I will treat you like any one else. Hell I even agree that the belt is yours FOR NOW. But things change and I think at Unforgiven they will change. I respect you Benoit a true talent no doubt, but I am to I mean first ever undisputed champ here, YEAH BABY. Now I can’t guarantee a win but I sure as hell won’t let you guarantee a loss. You see I am due Benoit I have been held back long enough by the powers that be so at unforgiven I will be relentless.

Benoit: fair enough .

(They shake hands again Benoit leaves first then Jericho)

(Mavens music hits as he walks to the ring sporting the IC title. Vals music hits and they start the non title match. Val hits Maven with a right hand followed by another he swings a third time but Maven ducks when Val turns Maven hits him with a drop kicks that sends him over the ropes. Maven crawls out and picks up Val. Maven rolls Val back in to the ring. Maven slides in the ring crawls on Val and begins punching him severl times. Maven then goes up top for an elbow drop but Val quickly gets to the ropes and causes Maven to fall on his balls. Val climbs up and hits Maven with a superplex. Both men were hurt from the move so they both stay down for a second. Val then gets up first grabs Maven and throws him to the corner. Val runs at Maven and hits him with a clothsline in the corner. Val puts Maven in a fisher men’s suplex. Val only gets a two count before Maven kicks out. Val then picks Maven up but Maven springs up and starts hitting him with right hands one then two then three Maven grabs Val leans him on the rope then bounces him off the ropes. Maven hira Val with a back body Maven starts heading for the corner when Tests music hits. Maven stops walks to the ropes and yells at Test. Val rolls Maven up from behind puts his feet on the ropes and gets a three count. Val quickly leaves the ring. Maven starts yelling and then finally leaves.)

(Edges music hits and he comes to the ring Garrison Cades music hit then he comes to the ring. Edge quickly jumps on Cade and starts punching him Edge then grabs Cades arm and throws him to the ropes. Edge nails Cade with a cloths line. Edge picks Cade up and hits him with a suplex then Edge goes to the top rope and jumps off Edge nails Cade with a elbow drop. Edge mounts Cade and starts hitting him with many right hands. Edge finally stops goes to the ropes and bounces off and hits cade with a quick elbow drop. Edge picks Cade up throws him in the corner runs with a clothsline Cade stumbles out of the corner and Edge hits him with a bulldog. Edge then Runs to another corner waits for Cade to stand then out of no where HHH comes out of the crowd Grabs Edges foot and Edge falls flat on his face. The ref calls for the bell and Edge wins by DQ. HHH slides in the ring and Garrison Cade walks over to Edge. Cade starts laughing at Edge the puts his hand on HHH smiles and nods. HHH gets a pissed off look on his face and punches Cade. He then throws Cade over the top rope. HHH goes back to Edge and starts stomping on him. HHH picks up Edge but Edge springs up and starts hitting HHH and then he gives HHH a toss over the top rope. Edge does a little celebration with his back to HHH. When he turns around HHH hits him out of no where with a sledge hammer. Edge is busted wide open. HHH throws the hammer down and starts pounding Edge with his fist over and over and over like a mad man. HHH grabs a mic.)

HHH: You see Edge. Do you see what happens when you mess with me. I am tired of this crap I am done with you at unforgiven we have a match just me and you. You screwed me last week and think that’s a big deal. Well this is just the beginning you don’t know how to screw people Edge. I was screwing people in the WWE before you ever started here. This is my home. I am tired of punks like you thinking they can just come in to my home and walk on my floor. It stops now You havn’t spilled nearly enough blood yet. You screwed me one night. Ill screw you for the rest of your life.

(HHH throws the mic down and leaves the ring. Raw ends with Edge trying to stand a bloody mess.)
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