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Tonight’s known card: Another Evolution night.

HHH: Alright Bischoff I want the title I am through playing with Edge.

Bischoff: Ok look tonight it will be you and Jericho for number 1 contendership.

HHH: Fine.

Test: Maven screwed me last week at unforgiven I want him but tonight he should have fun with the big man over there Batista.

Bischoff: fine Batista and Maven non title.

(Kanes music hits. Kane grabs a mic.)
Kane: I saw what you said last week Shawn. So you want me, Shawn I don’t think you understand what I can do, What I did to your before was nothing. Do you really want to loss what you have worked so hard on all these years. I am destruction Shawn. Fine I will accept your challenge but remember I warned you. You are free to back out any time. But until then watch your back.

(Batistas music hits and he heads to the ring. Batista grabs a mic.)
Batista: Kane no one cares I have a match so get out of the ring.
(Kane starts to turn but snaps back and nails Batista with a big boot Kane then grabs Batista and throws him in a corner Kane starts punch Batista hard right hand after hard right hand. Kane then hits him with a back elbow and grabs batista by the throat and chock slams him. Kane slides out of the ring brings in a chair waits for Batista to stand and busts him open with the chair. Kane then waits again for Batista to finally get up and he gives him another chock slam. Kane leaves the ring and Maven runs down the ramp climbs the top rope and hits Batista with a elbow drop he then pins Batista and gets a 3 count.)

Test: That’s it Maven you messed with me and Evolution you are now officially screwed. Me and you for the title at un forgiven. Bischoff already gave it the ok.

Maven: Why wait Test how about now?

Test: I am to busy to waste my time at the moment.

(Test leaves. Then Maven and finally Batista. Jericho’s music hits and he heads to the ring. Evolutions music hits as HHH heads to the ring. HHH slides in both men stare at each other. They get in each others face and share a few choice words before HHH swings out of no where with a right hand. Jericho goes down. HHH grabs Jericho’s hair and picks him up he then throws Jericho in the corner. HHH runs at Jericho with a clothsline he then hits Jericho with a bull dog as he stumbles out of the corner. HHH grabs Jericho but Jericho begins to punch HHH in the mid section. Jericho runs off the ropes and hits HHH with a forearm smash. Jericho then runs off the ropes again and as HHH gets half way up Jericho hits him in the head with his knee. Jericho grabs HHH and shoves him in to the corner. Jericho then hits HHH with a chop to the chest followed by another then another. HHH stumbles out of the corner. Jericho bounces off the rope and hits HHH with a bulldog. Jericho runs off the ropes and does the lion sault but HHH gets his knees up. Jericho goes down holding his stomach. HHH drags him self to the ropes and pulls him self up. HHH then takes a quick break. HHH waits for Jericho to stand half way he then runs at Jericho and hits him in the head with his knee. HHH mounts Jericho and begins to punch him in the head. HHH bounces off the ropes and drops a knee to Jericho’s chest. HHH then grabs Jericho’s legs and puts him in a figure four. After about 8 or 9 seconds of pain Jericho finally grabs the ropes. HHH grabs Jericho and picks him up. HHH throws Jericho off the ropes Jericho ducks a clothsline bounces off the other rope HHH turns and Jericho hits him with a spinning wheel kick both men are down. Jericho gets up first and sees HHH starting to get up he slaps HHH in the back of the head and kicks him in the back. Jericho grabs HHH by the hair and picks him up. Jericho shoves him in the corner backs all the way to the other corner. Jericho then begins to run just as HHH starts to walk out of the corner Jericho hits him with a running Inzaguri. Jericho does a little dance and spins around. Jericho then grabs HHH by the legs but HHH kicks him off and Jericho falls out of the ring. While he was falling out Jericho bumped in to the ref and knocked him down. HHH leans on the ropes and starts yelling at Jericho just then Edge runs down the ramp. Edge goes to a corner and HHH starts to turn Edge nails HHH with a spear. Jericho slides in the ring while Edge wakes the ref Jericho runs off the ropes hits the lion sault and gets a 3 count for the win. Jericho is now the number one contender at un forgiven.)
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