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First Raw after summerslam

JR: What a night it was at summerslam last night Test is the new IC champ benoit retained his title and Randy Orton was fired.

King: and what a match with Kane and Matt. Neither which are here tonight do to them both being so hurt.

(Evolutions music hits. Batista, Test and HHH come out to the ring. HHH grabs the mic)

HHH: well as some of you have noticed Flair isn’t out here with us tonight he needed some time off after last night. On to more important matters now we just came from Eric’s office. Bischoff gave evolution control for tonight when it comes to the matches that we want. So we will start things off with Batista.

Batista: Benoit tonight I want you. You think you can get away with putting your hands on me well think again. (he hands the mic to Test)

Test: well tonight I want to defend my title against some one who really deserves a shot this person has earned it. This man will push me as far as I have ever been pushed. Tonight I want Maven. ( All members of evolution start laughing then Test hands the mic to HHH.)

HHH: Tonights pay back for last night Edge you came in to something that had nothing to do with you and you should of just stayed out of it. This is none of your business you are not championship material just stay out of it. Tonight I will show you why you don’t belong with the big dogs.

(HHH and Test both leave with Batista still in the ring waiting for his opponent. Benoit’s music hits as he walks to the ring. Batista jumps out of the ring and runs at Benoit they collide about half way up the ramp with Batista knocking Benoit down with a clothsline. Batista starts pounding Benoits head in to the steel ramp. Batista then begins to punch Benoit in the head. Batista picks up Benoit and throws him down the ramp. Benoit pulls him self up on the apron and tries to pull him self in to the ring Batista runs up behind Benoit and picks him up and throws him over the rope in to the ring. Batista slides in the ring behind Benoit. Batista then grabs Benoit by the neck and picks him up on to his feet. Batista swings at Benoit but Benoit ducks and when Batista turn Benoit kicks him in the mid section. Benoit chops Batista in the chest and punches him in the head. Batista stubles backward and Benoit runs at him and hits him in the head with his forearm. Benoit ducks another punch from Batista he goes behind him and nails him with a germen suplex followed by another then another Benoit jumps to the top rope and hits Batista with a diving head butt. Benoit doesn’t pin instead he stands and waits for Batista to stand up when he does Benoit grabs his arm and flips him in to a cross face. Batista almost instantly taps. Benoit wins. Batista leaves while Benoit continues to celebrate. Mavens music hits and Benoit walks up the ramp wish’s him good luck and leaves. Maven rolls in to the ring and Tests music hits. Maven gets ready while Test is hesitant to get in the ring. Maven finally holds up his hands and backs to the corner so Test can enter. Test slides in and both men circle each other for a second then they lock up Test nails Maven in the gut with a Knee and gives him a push to the corner. Test hits him once then he hits him again. Test throws Maven to the other corner and runs at him and hits him with a clothsline. Test picks Maven off the ground maven explodes up. Maven then jumps up high and hits Test with a drop kick. Maven runs at Test when he stands but Test throws him over the top rope The Ref starts counting just then Edge runs down the ramp and slides in. The Ref is facing Maven on the out side so he cant see him. Test swings at Edge then Edge ducks runs off the back rope and spears Test. Edge slides out just as Maven slides in. Maven quickly pins Test, and gets a 3 count. Maven wins and is the new IC champ. Maven quickly leaves the ring and Test gets up furious and holding his stomach. Test starts yelling not quite sure who he is mad at more Edge or Maven. Test finally leaves the ring. Shawn Michaels appears on the titan tron.)

Shawn: Kane I know you aren’t here tonigh But I thought lets get the first match on the card for unforgiven lets make it Kane and HBK. The show stopper and the big red machine. You and me. At unforgiven Kane I will get my pay back. Summer slam was just a taste of revenge the rest is coming.

( HHH music hits as he walks to the ring. Then Edges music hits and he runs down the ramp. Edge slides in the ring HHH runs at him Edge quickly rolls out of the way HHH turn around and is hit by a dropkick from Edge that sends him over the rope. HHH stands up on the outside. HHH slides back in to the ring and Edge lets him both men lock it up and Edge puts HHH in to a headlock HHH reverse it to push Edge off the ropes but Edge bounces off and hits HHH with a spinning wheel kick. HHH goes down and rolls out of the ring to recover. Edge taunts HHH to come back in. HHH once again slides in. HHH swings at Edge but Edge quickly ducks goes behind HHH grabs his head and pulls him down to make the back of his head hit the mat Edge then Grabs HHHs leg but only gets a 2 count. Edge stands up and HHH pulls him self over to the corner and slowly stands. Both men go to lock up again but HHH ducks under Edges arms goes behind him and hits him with a chop block from behind. HHH grabs Edges feet and puts him in a figure four. Edge yells and barley is able to grab the ropes after about 8 or 9 seconds.HHH lets go and starts stomping and Edges knee. HHH then grabs Edge and picks him up. HHH gets Edge ready for a suplex but Edge fights it and hits HHH with a suplex instead. Edge stands up but moves very slow because of the pain in his leg. Edge grabs HHH and bounces him off the ropes Edge puts HHH in to a back body drop. Edge mounts HHH and starts punching him. Edge pulls up HHH and shoves him in to the corner. Edge then runs at him jumps up and then yanks HH down in to a monkey flip. Edge jumps up the top rope and dives off with an elbow drop. Edge gets ready to hit HHH with a spear but HHH only stands half way and slides out of the ring. Edge starts yelling at HHH. HHH walks to the time keeper and grabs a chair. HHH slide in the ring and the ref takes the chair from HHH and throws it in a corner. Edge rusn at HHH with a spear but HHH moves and Edge hits his shoulder on the ring post. HHH push’s the ref down and grabs the chair he waits for Edge to stand and swings Edge ducks goes behind HHH bounces off the ropes when HHH turns he is hit with a spear the chair flies out of the ring. The ref stands and counts while the ref is counting Edge puts his feet on the ropes and gets a 3 count. HHH is furious and yells at the ref after he finally gets up. Edge is the winner.)
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