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It's finally here SummerSlam

Tonight’s known card: Tajiri and Rhyno vs La resistance , Randy vs Eugene , Matt vs Kane (first blood) , Flair vs Jericho (submission) , Edge vs Test , HHH vs Benoit.

JR: Ladys and gentlemen its welcome to summerslam.

King: But we have some sad news JR.

JR: Indeed we do King Due to time issues the tag match was forced to be aired on heat. Tajiri and Rhyno retained their titles.
(camaras go backstage)

HHH: So guys we all set? Every one got the game plan.

Test: Yea I got it.

Batista: were set

Randy: I still think we don’t need a plan I can take Eugene

HHH: Do you need to watch the last couple of weeks again.

Flair: Champ what about my match?

HHH: Don’t worry about it. Randy don’t you have a match to get to Eugene is already in the ring.

( Eugene stands in the ring by him self for a little bit dancing in circles. Randys music hits. Randy slides in the ring and stares at Eugene. Eugene holds up both hands wanting a test of strength. Randy locks hands with Eugene and is quickly brought to one knee. Eugne is smiling at how strong he is when Randy drops all the way down and gives Eugene an arm drag. Randy then runs and hits Eugene over the head with a double axe handle. Randy runs back off the ropes and hits Eugene in the head with his knee. Randy then grabs Eugene and push’s him in the corner hits Eugene with a few right hands and gives him a monkey flip. Randy then climbs the top turnbuckle and jumps off with a drop kick but Eugene quickly moves out of the way. Eugene then gives Randy a double axe handle. Eugene then grabs Randy throws him on his shoulders and gives him a airplane spin. While Randy is on the ground Eugene yells wooo and puts Randy in a figure four but Randy quickly scrambles for the ropes. Batista begins to walk down the ramp as Randy starts hitting Eugene. Eugene is up against the ropes Randy runs off the ropes but Eugene moves just as Batista is climbing the apron and Randy nails Batista right in the head when he turns around Eugene hits Randy with the RKO for a 3 count and Eugene wins. After the match Batista gets in the ring and starts yelling at Randy. Randy says he is sorry many times and batista just walks off holding his head. Bischoff then shows up on the titan tron.)

Bischoff: Randy I told you if you didn’t finish Eugene you were finished so randy your fired pack your bags and get out of my arena.

(As Randy bows his head and begins to walk out of the arena Kanes music hits and while Randy is at the top of the stage he grabs him by the throat and chockslams him off the stage. While Kanes back is turned Matt hits him from behind and grabs his head then slams it in to the titan tron metal which starts the first blood match. Matt then starts punching him Kane knees Matt in the stomach and throws him down the ramp. Kane begins to walk down the ramp toward Matt. Kane grabs Matt picks him up and throws him over the ropes and in to the ring. Kane steps over the top rope and gets in to the ring. Matt then tries to fight off Kane with right hands but is knocked right back down with an uppercut. Kane just begins to pond on Matt for a good 2 or 3 minutes punch after punch after punch. Randy starts stumbling down the ramp Kane turns around and see Randy barley able to walk coming toward him. Kane gets a smile on his face and and points at Randy making fun of him. Randy slides in the ring Kanes smile suddenly disappears. Kane begins walking to Randy When Matt hits Kane in the back and he stumbles toward Randy. Randy then jumps up and hits the RKO on Kane. Matt then starts stomping and Kane as security runs down to run Randy out of the arena. Matt turns Kane over and starts punching him in the head. Matt slides out of the ring and gets a chair he then slides back in the ring to position him self ready to strike Kane with the chair. Kane starts to stand Matt takes a swing but Kane ducks Matt turns in to a chokeslam. Kane then picks up Matt and throws him all the way to the other side of the ring in to the corner. Kane runs at him with a clothsline. Kane then grabs Matt and body slams him on to the ground. Kane climbs the turnbuckle and gets ready for a flying clothsline. Matt starts to stand and is hit by Kane with the flying clothsline. Kane picks up Matt and Matt starts hitting him with a few right hand but Kane puts both ands around Matts throat and lifts him up then throws him down Kane then grabs the turns around grabs the chair the crowd begins to roar Kanes is confused and turns around with the chair lifted ready to swing and the chair gets kicked in to his head with a sweet chin music from the show stopper HBK. When Kane rolls over he is bleeding out of his head and the ref calls for the bell then he announces Matt Hardy the winner..)

Interviewer: HHH what do you think about what we just saw with Randy?

HHH: Randy let us all down tonight frankly he deserves to be gone. Maybe he can learn what it means to be a team player. Randy only thinks about him self and no one else. Now if you will excuse me I have a match to get ready for I will get my title back tonight.

(Evolutions music hits as Flair walks to the ring style ‘ in and wooo profile ‘ in. Flair runs off the ropes and does a little strut as Jericho begins to go down the ramp. They locked up, and Jericho shoved Flair in the corner, so Flair slapped Jericho. They grappled on the mat.. Jericho kicked and punched Flair into the corner and choked him. Jericho hit a back body drop and a clothesline. Jericho picks flair upt then Jericho hit a back suplex. Jericho picks up Flair begins to punch Jericho in the gut. Flair hits some chops, and shoves Jericho over the top rope. Flair taunted a bit before Jericho finally got back in the ring. Flair just chopped him some more, then punched him in the corner. Jericho went to the eyes, then chopped Flair in the corner. Jericho whipped Flair in to the corner and he flipped out side. Jericho ripped the padding off the security wall and dropped him across it. Jericho then climbed to the top rope, jumped off, and forearmed Flair across the back as he was draped over the wall. Back in the ring, Jericho decked Flair with rights while yelling at him. Flair came back with chops, but ran into an elbow from Jericho. Jericho then runs off the ropes for the lionsault but flair got his knees up. Flair gets to his feet first. Flair hits a back suplex. Flair then bounces off the rope does a dance and drops his knee to Jericho’s chest. Flair set up Jericho for a suplex but Jericho flips behind him rolled him from behind, going for the Walls of Jericho, but Flair turned it into a small package then noticed the ref not counting and realized that there was no pin fall. Jericho jumped up and hit a clothesline and chopped Flair in the corner. Flair kicked Jericho in the mid section. Flair hit some chops and went for his own Walls, then switched to a half crab, but Jericho countered, held onto the leg, and applied a figure four on Flair. Flair struggled, but made the ropes. After he made the ropes, he tapped the mat, to fool Jericho into releasing right away. Jericho complained to the referee, then when Flair chopped him, Jericho bumped into the referee, who was poked in the eye. With the referee temporarily blinded, Flair hit a low blow, then applied a figure four leglock. Jericho took the pain for a good 30 or 40 seconds before he finally made it to the ropes. Flair released him and gripped his hair then pulled him to his feet the ref yells at him and while he is distracted Jericho nails him with a bull dog goes for another lionsault but Flair gets his knees up again. Both men are down Flair barley crawls to the corner and looks to the stage as if he is expecting some one to come down. Jericho and Flair both pull them selfs up on the ropes as Flair walks forward a little bit. Jericho runs and hits him with an enzigury. Jericho puts him in a walls of Jericho Flair takes it for about 8 or 9 seconds and gives in to the pain. Jericho wins.)

HHH: This hasn’t been a good night for us man damn. Randy lost and got fired. Flair lost you got hit.

Batista: Yea don’t worry champ Test will take out Edge to night and you got Benoit especially with Flair in your corner.

HHH: Yea.

( Edge comes down the the ring to meet an already waiting Test. Edge slides in the ring and Test quickly is on the attack. Test nails Edge in the head a couple of times with a few right hands. Edge fails in to the corner Test chokes him with his foot in Edges neck.. Test grabs Edge by the arm and throws him in to the other corner. Test runs toward the corner but Edge quickly gets his feet up in to Tests face. Edge slowly gets out of the corner as Test begins to stand. Edge runs at Test with a quick clothsline. Edge then mounts Test and hits him with a few punches he them picks up Test and kicks him in the mid section. Edge then delivers a quick suplex to test and quickly jumps to the corner. Edge dives off with an elbow drop but Test rolls out of the way. Test gets to his feet and as Jericho begins to stand Test gets behind him to deliver a full nelson slam. Test drops with a fast elbow drop. Test picks up edge and throws him off the rope on Edges return Test delivers a back body drop. Test picks Edge up and sets him up for a suplex he picks Edge up and leaves him hanging in the air for a minute before droping him hard with a suplex. Edge climbs the corner and hits Edge with a flying elbow drop. Test pins Edge but Edge kicks out. Test gets pissed off and picks Edge up and delivers a power bomb. Test pins Edge but Edge once again kicks out Test gets in the face of the Ref and yells at him for a little while. Test turns his attention back to Edge but Edge nails Test with a right hand then another Test swings at Edge. Edge ducks goes behind Test grabs his head and yanks him down. Edge grabs Tests leg and the Ref gets a two count. Edge then gets ready for a spear as Flair runs down the ramp. Edge runs at Test but Test quickly moves Just in time for Flair to get on the apron and take the spear. Edge turns around and Test nails him with a big boot for the three count. Test quickly leaves the ring and runs up the stage with a smile on his face. Edge gets up and sees Flair outside the ring. Edge slides out throws Flair back in the ring and nails him with another spear. Edge then leaves up the ramp.)

(HHH then comes to the ring followed by the WWE world champ Chris Benoit. Benoit stands outside and stares at HHH for a minute. Benoit slides in the ring and HHH jumps on him and begins to stomp on him. HHH lifts Benoit up and gives him a push in to the corner. HHH climbs on top of Benoit and starts punching him constantly. HHH then jumps off Benoit and throws him in to the other corner. HHH then runs at Benoit with a clothsline. HHH leans Benoit up on the ropes and then throws him to the other. HHH then gives Benoit a back body drop. HHH Then grabs Benoit and puts him in to a headlock. Benoit puts all of his power in to standing. HHH keeps the headlock on while Benoit forces him self to his feet. Benoit then lifts HHH up in to a back suplex. Both men are down but HHH gets to his feet first. HHH walks toward Benoit as he is standing. HHH reaches for Benoit but Benoit gives him a punch to the gut. Benoit then kicks HHH in the mid section. Benoit gives HHH a DDT. Benoit then slowly gets to his feet. Then Benoit grabs HHH and shoves HHH in to the corner. Benoit then gives HHH a back hand to the chest followed by another then another. Benoit grabs HHH and hits him with a quick suplex. Then Benoit starts stomping on HHH. Benoit grabs HHH and picks him. Benoit throws HHH of the ropes and nails him in the head with his forearm. HHH quickly stands up but is met with a right hand from Benoit. HHH fails down again Benoit then hits him again HHH stumbles backward on to the ropes. Benoit then leans HHH on the rope and throws him off of it. HHH comes back with an attempted clothsline Benoit ducks and hits HHH with a germen suplex followed by another and then another. Benoit slides his thumb across his throat and climbs the turnbuckle. Benoit dives off with a headbut that connects right with HHH. Benoit pins HHH but HHH kicks out at a two count. Benoit gets frustrated then Batista begins walking down the ramp. Benoit is up against the ropes yelling at him an when he turns HHH kicks him in the midsection and sets him up for a pedigree. Benoit reverses it in to a back body drop that sends HHH over the rope on to Batista. Out of no where Test slides in the ring from the crowd and runs at Benoit. Benoit quickly ducks and tosses Test over the top rope and Test lands on HHH and Batista just as they start to stand. The crowd goes crazy as Benoit slides out and throws HHH back in the ring. HHH stands as Benoit slides back in. HHH swings at Benoit but Benoit ducks and puts the Cross face on HHH. After about 15 or 20 seconds of torment HHH gives up and taps. Benoit wins the match. Afterward Batista and Test both slide in and attack Benoit. Just in time for Edge to run down the ramp and slide in the ring. Edge jumps on hits Batista from Behind punches Test a few time and hits him over the ropes. Then as HHH begins to stand Edge nails him with a spear. Summer slam then goes off the air.)
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i gotta go to band practice now but since Jericho won i love this PPV, even if Benoit loses to HHH, which i haven't seen yet since after seeing jericho win im gone. XD
very nice ppv....only four matches though and evolution was in all of them. That makes a bad idea, as for Raw isn't Raw vs. Evolution, its good guys vs. evolution.

but great ppv.
See the matchs are so few because I type every movment in the match so the more matchs the more hours I put in to it. Evolution will fade its just I am going through a trasition period from Evolution being the end all to what I want. I can't just make a huge change that makes no sense I am trying not to be WWE. Lol. Trust me I have it planned out all the way to wrestlemania.
kewl, not saying its all wrong but both the wwe and WCW have done this at many shows and people got tired of havind a heel faction i every match.......since that means showing them more than 7 times outside.......and it was a bad idea cause they cut the Rock's/Austin's Altercation to two lines just to see Trips & Kish jump a guy.