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Week 4

Tonight’s known card: Tajiri vs Rob Conway….. M att Hardy vs Maven …. Kane vs Garrison Cade …… Edge , Benoit, and Jericho vs HHH, Flair, and Test.

JR: Welcome to Monday night Raw and what a month it has been.

King: That’s right and this Sunday is summerslam JR I can only dream of what is going to happen.

(The music of Tajiri hits. As he is ready to meet Rob who is already in the ring. Tajiri slides in and Rob instantly attacks with vicious stomps. He then grabs Taijiri and throws him in to the corner. Rob runs in for a clothsline but Tajiri moves and puts Rob in to a sleeper hold. Tajiri throws Rob in to the Robs and nails him with a foot to the side of the head. Rob is hit so hard he falls to the outside of the ring. Tajiri then runs and jumps over the rope and lands on Rob. Tajiri tosses Rob under the bottom rope back in to the ring when a man comes out of the crowd and attacks him its Sylvain he flings Tajiri in to the steps then slams his head in to a poll. The ref calls for DQ and Tajiri wins. The two men begin jumping Tajiri until Rhyno begins running down the ramp. Both men quickly exit the ring and leave with Rhyno standing over a bloody Tajiri.)

Bischoff: Wow violent. You know I have thought about it and you have your match Randy.

Randy: Thanks Bischoff.

Bischoff: Just do your job this time if you don’t finish him you’ll be finished.

( Matt Hardy’s music hits as he makes his way down the ramp. Maven then begins down the ramp both men shake hands as they get ready to face one another. They lock up Maven quickly puts a headlock on Matt. Matt then gives Maven a push which sends him of the rope back to Matt right in to a clothsline. Matt grabs Mavens legs and and drops a leg drop between the legs. Matt jumps back to his feet and picks Maven up and gets Maven in position for a suplex. Matt picks Maven up but Maven flips behind Matt and applys germen suplex. When Matt stands up Maven jumps up high for a beautiful drop kick that knocks Matt right back down. Maven goes to the top rope and jumps off for a elbow drop but Matt rolls out of the way. Maven falls right to the mat. Both men are down and the ref begins his count but as soon as he reachs 5 Matt stands up and grabs Maven. Matt then connects with a suplex this time. Matt goes up top for a elbow drop and lands it. Matt picks up Maven kicks him in the gun and gives him a twist of fate for a three count. Matt is the winner. Kane then appers at the top of the ramp and begins walking down. Matt and Maven both slide out of the ring as Kane is sliding in while Kane is distracted Garrison Cade runs down the ramp in to the ring and does a chop block to Kane. Garrison begins stomping Kane repeatedly he then runs off the rope and ass Kane is in a half standing position Garrison nails him in the head with his knee and Kane goes right back down. Garrison then mounts Kane and begins to hit him with right hand after right hand. All of a sudden Kane grabs Garrison by the neck with both hands slowly stands up picks Cade off of the ground and throws him across the ring. Kane in a fit of rage goes to Garrison and kicks him in the head while he was trying to stand back up. Kane then grabs Garrison and picks him up Kane shoves him in the corner and shows Cade his right hand. Followed by a back elbow and an uppercut. Kane then throws Garrison to the ground. Kane Climbs the turnbuckle as Garrison is standing Kane nails him with a flying clothsline. Kane picks Garrison delivers a devastating chock slam followed by another and another. Garrison lays on the ground not moving and then Kane puts one foot on him as the ref counts to three. Kane then exits the ring slowly in complete silence. Test is shown being interviewed in the back)

Unkown: Test we all know you won last week by DQ over Edge that means you pick the stipulation for your match at summerslam.

Test: Yea whats up with Edge trying to take advantege of an injured man how pathetic is that? Yes I won and I think to show how week Edge really is I will make this a regular match just me and Edge. I mean if Edge was up against any one else he would need some special match to make him self look good but he is up against me ill make the match look good. Edge I will embarrass you at summerslam during our match and after the match I’ll cripple you.

(Evolutions music hits as they get read to meet the 3 men they are up against already in the ring. Evolution stands out side the ring reluctant to get in. Jericho and Edge step out side to their corner. Test and HHH go to theirs. Flair slides in to face Benoit. Flair and Benoit stare at each other they lock it up. Flair put Benoit in to a headlock Benoit then flipped behind him and put him in an hammer lock. Benoit nails Flair in the face with his elbow. Flair nose is busted open. Benoit gives flair a right hand followed by another Benoit then locks up with Flair and kicks him in the gut he then gives Flair a snap suplex. Benoit quickly jumps to his feet and puts Flair in a sharp shooter. Flair grabs the rope. Benoit then picks Flair up and sends gives him a push in to the closest corner. Benoit then slaps Flair in the chest then again then again then Flair grabs Benoit flings him in to the corner and slaps Benoit in the chest many times each time its followed by a WOOO!! From the crowd. Flair grabs Benoit for a suplex but Benoit reverses it in to a suplex of his own. Benoit grabs Flairs foot but Flair kicks Benoit to the ground and jumps to his corner and tags in Test. Test nails Benoit with a clothsline as soon as he stands. Test picks up Benoit and flings him to Benoits corner where Jericho tags him self in. Jericho runs in and nails Test with a kick to the head. Jericho grabs Test and hits him with a few right hands then a kick to the gut. Jericho then flips behind Test and rolls him up for a fast pin but Test kicks out at two. Test springs up and nails Jericho with a big boot. Test pins Jericho but Benoit runs in and breaks up the pin at one. Then Benoit grabs Test from behind and gives him three germen suplexs. Benoit then exits the ring. Jericho and Test are both down. Jericho gets up first and runs off the ropes does a spring board moon sault on test. He gets a two count before HHH runs in and breaks up the pin then hits a pedigree on Jericho Edge runs in and hits HHH with a Spear. Flair comes in and Edge flings him over the rope out of the ring Edge turn around and is hit with a big boot from Test. Test turn and is put in to a crippler crossface. Test taps out and the ref is so confused as to who the legal man is he calls for the bell and announces Benoit Jericho and Edge the winners. Evolution exits the ring and goes up the ramp hurt for the first time this month things aren’t looking good for Evolution.)

JR: Edge Jericho and Benoit go in with a one up on Evolution for summer slam.

King: What will happen this Sunday JR? This is crazy.
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