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wwe_fic's Journal

What would you do if you were a writer for wwe?
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This is a community for people who wish to write their own wwe story lines. Don't like the current storys? Like the current storys but not where they are going? Thats fine change it. Write your own storys or take existing ones and change them to where you think they should end up. Write short storys for the whole rosters, or go in to great detail, you can even just take one current wrestler and write about them only. This isn't limited to WWE its prefered but not limited to. Like TNA write some storys for it. Just don't forget to use LJ cuts and please give warning of language we might have some young ones here. While this is pretty much for any writing you want please lets not turn this in to an relationship/sex story community its ok to include this just a request to avoid it being the only focus.