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Tonight’s known card:
(Kanes music hits the arena as he makes his way to the ring and grabs a mic.)

Kane: Shawn how fitting that it’s me and you at the next PPV it’s a damn shame you will only hold the title for a month then drop it to me. I will not lay down this time. I am tired of being walked on and I am tired of sitting in the background watching other have my shot. So Shawn you make the decision you can either lose the easy way or you can lose the hard way. The decision of your career is now here will you ever wrestle again or not. I don’t care if I beat you or if I break you either way I will be champ. Until then enjoy your run.

(Shawn’s music goes off and he comes out with a mic.)

HBK: Hey hey hey now there big man come down. We are here in this great city and these people didn’t come to see you they came to see the showstopper. (He pauses as the crowd yells HBK! HBK!) You see Kane you will never know how that feels because you choose the wrong path there. In this sport you get the good path and the bad path. I choose the good path and I have people yelling at the top of their lungs for me you choose the not so good path and well not so much for you. Maybe if you were a better guy but walking around tearing people up knocking up random girls it’s just not the right path to follow. Why don’t you follow good old HBK here and Ill show you the right path that is of course after I beat you down at Armageddon now do me a favor and calm down Ill see you later their champ oh wait that’s me.
(HBK then leaves Kane throws the mic and leaves the ring full of fury. Jericho and Flair are shown backstage)

Jericho: look Flair that, has been had no right to take my title. So you are going to make me a rematch screw Kane I want the belt.

Flair: Jericho who the hell do you think you are I am the GM of Raw…WOOOO!! And I will do what ever I damn well please. Fine you want a title shot fine prove you are worthy tonight if you can beat HHH next week it will be you and HBK in a title match.

Jericho: HHH! What the hell Flair you don’t even like him why give him a chance?

Flair: Cause I don’t like you either and I want to watch the two of you beat the hell out of each other. Now get out of my office before I call security I have some things to say to the fans. (Jericho leaves throwing a fit.) I just want to say I am sorry to you for a lack of matches tonight Maven will be out for a little while due to the attack from Shelton. Randy will be gone tonight only he has assured me that he will be here next week. So as of now all I have to offer is Jericho and HHH winner gets a title shot next week. I am now going to….. (No chance no chance in hell. Vince’s music hits. As he walks in the ring and grabs a mic while Flair is still on the titan tron.)

Vince: Sorry to interrupt but I have to say something here Flair it involves you so listen up. A while back I said raw sucked because of Bischoff. Well I was wrong it was bad due to a lack of balance as you all have seen Raw has sucked still with Flair in charge so I will even the odds by announcing that tonight starting next week Eric Bischoff will return as Co GM along side Ric Flair. I think you two will make an excellent team. Now we have seen Co GM’s here before and we will again. So Flair sorry but you are no longer in complete control of Raw… Starting next week. There will be some changes.
(Vince’s leaves and Flair shuts off from the Titan Tron. Shelton’s music hits and he grabs a mic.)

Shelton: Man every one thinks they are so important but they are all just taking up my time on the mic it just isn’t fair. So I am finally here to announce that I am on my way to being the greatest IC champ ever I mean I took out Test and Maven though Maven wasn’t anything big. So I think I will…(Matt Hardy then comes down the ramp and grabs the mic from Shelton.)

Matt: So Shelton think you are a big shot now huh (Shelton nods his head) Really you think Oh I am awesome I beat Maven by using a chair and taking him off the roster for awhile. Well you know what I think I think you are chicken shit. Maven had you and you knew it so you got a chair what a man you are. Where are your balls at Shelton? You think you are bad well how about at Armageddon you take me on and put the belt on the line.

Shelton: Fine Matt your on. Kind of funny how you question my man hood when you are the one who couldn’t get your girl pregnant had to let some one else do it for you.

(Matt nails Shelton with a hard right hand and starts pounding on him while he is down. Matt then grabs Shelton and hip tosses him across the ring Matt jumps on him again and starts hitting him with right hands finally a bunch of refs run down and break it up. Matt is drug out of the ring and Shelton finally gets up and walks away. Then the music of HHH hits the arena as he makes his way to the ring followed by Chris Jericho. They lock hands testing each others strength and HHH kicks Jericho in the gut. HHH waits for Jericho to stand and hits him with a back body drop. HHH bounces off the ropes and hits Jericho with a knee drop to the face. The Game walks to the corner and takes the pad off Jericho gets up and hits him with a over head back suplex. Jericho climbs up top and drops off with an elbow drop. The fans are confused and half cheer half boo and Jericho flips them of and yells who cares what you think they then all boo. HHH gets Jericho in an arm wrench and hits him with two chops to the chest. He then goes to throw Jericho to the corner but Jericho pulls him self back and kicks HHH in the gut. He rolls HHH up from behind but HHH quickly grabs the ropes Jericho and HHH both stand as Jericho knees him in the gut. Jericho grabs HHH but HHH pushes him away and throws him back first in to the exposed turnbuckle. HHH taunts a bit and runs at him but Jericho jumps out of the corner and hits HHH with a clothsline. Jericho then reaches behind and holds his back in pain for minute. HHH stands and Jericho hits him with a spinning wheal kick. HHH slowly starts standing and Jericho starts slapping him in the back of the head. HHH then nails Jericho with a low blow that some how the ref missed. HHH grabs Jericho and tosses him off the ropes he then nails Jericho with a hard spine buster that looks like he broke Jericho with. HHH pins 1 - 2 – Jericho kicks out. HHH waits for Jericho to stand and nails him with a pedigree. HHH pins 1 – 2 – Jericho barley gets his foot on the ropes. HHH is pissed as all heel he starts yelling at the ref and the ref starts yelling back. HHH then turns and lifts up Jericho he throws Jericho right in to the ref. HHH slides out side and grabs a chair. HHH gets in the ring and when Jericho stands he nails Jericho with the chair. Jericho is down and out cold. HHH lifts him up and hits him with another pedigree he then wakes the ref and pins 1 – 2 – 3 HHH wins and gets a title shot next week.. Raw goes off the air with HHH standing raising his arms in victory with a steel chair in his hand.)
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