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Tonights known card: Edge and Matt vs Test and Kane

(HHH enters the ring.)

HHH: Tonight I stand here a pathetic shell of what I use to be. It appears as if in the last few months I have become nothing but a glorified jobber most of you idiots don’t know what that means so let me explain. A jobber is some one who always loses you know like Val Venis or Spike Dudley but a glorified one is a huge name who does it. That’s what I have become thanks to the problems Evolution has had. We currently have a couple of problems Randy Orton , Ric Flair and the biggest problem of them all Edge. Well tonight and at Survivor Series we will start fixing these problems. I am tired of sitting back and dealing with all of you.

(Flairs music hits)
Flair: Hey now come down there champ oh wait that’s right you aren’t champ any more. I don’t know if you have noticed but I am the one who starts raw every night not you not anymore. This is my show now Hunter. I can tell you are itching for a match though tonight you want to fight some one. I know some one else who doesn’t have a match. HHH since we were once friends ill give you a match why don’t we have one of the greatest matches we have ever seen go right on and start again how about HHH vs HBK right here tonight. Jericho I don’t want to see you mess with this match at all infact I don’t want any one to so if any one comes out here they will be fired this match will be one on one. See HHH I am trying to bring back what this place use to be I am trying to bring it back to where you don’t have to be feuding with some one to get your ass kicked by them. So that’s the next match I would advise that you don’t leave the ring.

(Flair walks away. HBK’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring. Shawn and Triple H locked it up in the center of the ring and Triple H put Shawn in a side headlock and then he went into a hammer lock until Shawn countered into a hammer lock and a side headlock of his own. Triple H went to whip Shawn Michaels off the ropes but Shawn held onto his head and dragged him down to the mat.HBK picks up HHH but HHH pushes him away. Triple H knocked Shawn out of the ring, or so he thought as Shawn held onto the ropes and pulled himself back up into the ring and then he pulled Triple H out of the ring with a head scissors. He then jumped out of the ring and hit HHH with a cross body. HBK then throw HHH back in to the ring and rolled back in him self. Shawn Michaels put Triple H in a sleeper hold and Triple H attempted to counter it with a back suplex but Shawn flipped over, landed on his feet and rolled Triple H up for a two count. HHH quickly scrambled to his feet as did HBK but HHH nailed him with a harsh clothsline he then picked up Shawn. Triple H went for a back breaker but Shawn countered it and gave Triple H a shin breaker and then he put Triple H in the figure four leg lock. HHH got the ropes after about 6 seconds. HBK let go. Shawn Michaels headed to the top rope and came off with a double ax handle but on the way down, Triple H kicked Shawn in the gut and went for the Pedigree but Shawn reversed it into a back body drop. Shawn Michaels plowed through Triple H with a flying clothesline and then he nipped up to his feet and then headed to the top rope for a flying elbow drop HBK nailed HHH with the elbow drop and pinned but only got a two count. HHH got to his feet while Shawn was trying to tell the ref that it was three. Shawn Michaels went for the super kick but Triple H caught it and planted Shawn Michaels with a DDT. HHH stood and grabbed HBK he then tossed him in to the corner. HHH began giving HBK chest chops in effort to mock Ric Flair. HHH then set Shawn up on the top rope and hit him with a superplex that hurt both men. HHH gets back to his feet and faces the corner to take the pad off. HBK springs to his feet and HHH turns HBK nails him with a flying forearm smash. HBK springs to his feet and starts stomping on the ground. HHH stands but ducks the sweet chin music HBK turns and HHH kicks him in the gut for a pedigree but HBK grabs The games legs and drops him to his back he then yanks HHH up by his feet launching him face first in to the top turnbuckle HHH stumbles as he turns around and HBK nails him with a super kick. HBK pins 1 – 2 – HHH kicks out at the very last split second. HBK jumps up and starts getting the band ready. HHH stands and BAM sweet chin music 1 – 2 – 3 HBK wins the match. HBK does a dance and leaves HHH eventually leaves after he finally gets up.)

(Test makes his way to the ring followed shortly after by Kane. Matt then makes his way to the ring followed shortly after by Edge. Test and Kane stand back while Matt and Edge taunt a little bit. Test and Edge then start the match off while Matt and Kane wait in the corners. Test and Edge lock up Edge hits Test in the gut with a knee. Edge then goes to Irish whip Test but Test hangs on to his arm and kicks himin the gut. Test puts Edge in to a head lock put Edge hits Test with two elbows to the gut. He then whips Test in to a corner and runs at him with a drop kick. Edge goes for a submission hold at the legs but Test kicks him away Test gets to his feet. Test then grabs Edge as he gets up and hits him with a side walk slam. Test taunts a bit yells at the crowd some. Test goes to pick up Edge but Edge punches him in the gut a couple of times. Edge whips him in to the corner and runs at Test but Test hits him with a back elbow. He then kicks Edge in the gut and lays his neck on the ropes. Test runs off the ropes hops in the air and lands on Edge which chokes him on the ropes. Test runs to the corner and nails Matt in the head knocking him down. Edge gets up and runs at Test put Test lifts his knee up to counter and Edge hits it so hard he does a front flip. Test lifts up Edge and delivers a suplex and pins Edge. Test only gets atwo count and Edge kicks out. Edge gets to his feet first and starts hitting Test with right hands. He then grabs Test and delivers a Russian leg sweep. Edge tags in Matt. Test starts to stand and Matt runs at him jumps in to the air and hits him with a DDT. Just then Batista starts coming down the ramp. Batista gets in the ring and the ref tries to stop him so Batista hits the ref with a hard clothsline. Edge goes for a spear but Batista moves and Edge hits Kane instead. Edge turns and is hit with a hard clothsline. Matt turns his attention from Test to Batista but is quickly kicked and put in to a Batista bomb. Batista starts punching Edge over and over. Randy Orton starts running down to help Edge and HBK comes to help Matt to return the favor from last week. Randy jumps on Batista. HBK nails Test before he gets all the way back up. Just then Jericho and HHH start running down the ramp. A huge brawl breaks out. The brawl ends when Kane finally gets back in the ring. He grabs Matt and nails him with a chokeslam he then pulls Randy off of Batista and hits Randy with a chokeslam. Batista puts his arm on Kane and says thanks but Kane nails Batista with a chokeslam. Test then comes to help out Batista and gets a chokeslam as well. Edge runs at Kane with a spear but gets hit with a huge big boot. HHH sees his fellow members taken out and goes after Kane but Kane grabs him and hits him with a chokeslam. HBK then nails Jericho with a sweet chin music and knocks him out of the ring. HBK turns and Kane grabs him and drops him with a tombstone. Raw goes off air with Kane the only one standing in a mess of bodys.)
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