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(Flairs music hits as he makes his way to the ring.)

Flair: Well We got this four man tournament coming up and we have a good sized card at survivor series so I have given the night off to all the guys in that tournament they can be here just won’t have a match. However next week they will it is sort of a teaser. It will be Edge and Matt tagging up against Test and Kane a preview for Survivor Series. Also Batista came in my office asking for a match against Randy Orton I told him I would decide later well I decided and tonight it will be Batista and Randy one on one Batista thinks he can solve this problem well we will see. Lets have a good night folks.

(Flair leaves as Shawn makes his way to the ring.)

HBK: You know you think id would be happy I mean number one contender headlining Survivor Series after headlining No Mercy. You think I would be happy I had revenge at Unforgiven on Kane. You think I would be happy returned from an injury you think but Im not. Thanks to Jericho. I came out to say to you two weeks ago that we could have a good match but that I wont go easy on you then you turned on me. Then last week in my match with Val you came out again and jumped me again along with Kane. Well that’s fine Ill finish this thing with you at Survivor Series the belt will be around my waist. But Jericho how about we don’t wait how about we do this right here tonight (huge pop from crowd) How about it Jericho. You got about 10 seconds to get out here then I will go back there. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. Have it your way.

(HBK goes to the back. But Jericho attacks him from behind as soon as he walks past the currton. Jericho clubs him in the back and starts stomping on Shawn. He then motions for some one and Kane comes over they push Shawn back through the curron and force him to roll down the ramp. They then throw him in the ring and call for a ref as we start a handicap match HBK vs Jericho and Kane. Jericho steps out side as Kane takes on HBK to start the match. Kane watched as HBK took his time getting to his feet. As soon as HBK stands Kane knocks him back down with a big boot. He then waits for HBK to stand again and hits him with another big boot. Kane then grabs HBK and lifts him up for a sidewalk slam to work on the bad back of HBK. Followed up by another side walk slam. HBK starts standing and Kane makes the tag to Jericho who runs and rolls HBK up from behind for a two count. HBK gets back to his feet and Jericho knees him in the gut. Then jumps behind him and yanks the back off his head to the ground very fast. Jericho then grabs HBK and puts him in the walls of Jericho. HBK gets to the ropes after about 5 seconds Jericho lifts up HBK but HBK starts fighting back with right hands Jericho is now dazed HBK goes for a quick super kick but Jericho grabs his foot and spins him around. Jericho then kicks HBK in the gut and throws him in to the corner. Jericho tags in Kane as they stomp on HBK in the corner. Kane then kicks HBK in the gut for a chokeslam but HBK kicks Kane in the gut. HBK starts fighting back with right hands he then runs off the ropes and hits Kane with a flying forearm. HBK spring back to his feet and gets ready for a sweet chin music but Kane pulls the ref in to the way and HBK nails the ref knocking him out. Then Jericho runs in and hits HBK with a bull dog and does a lion sault. They both then continues to beath the hell out of HBK until Matt runs down the ramp with a steal chair and nails Kane in the head with it. He then swings at Jericho but Jericho ducks Matt turns and Jericho puts him in the walls. HBK then springs up and nails Jericho with the sweet chin music while he is holding Matt in the walls. Kane then hits HBK with a chokeslam and is then hit with another chair shot from Matt. Matt then beats Kane with the chair over and over. Matt then leaves with the chair and a smile on his face. Everybody is down the ref gets up first followed by HBK who signals for a sweet chin and when Kane stands he nails Kane with it. HBK pins Kane and gets a 3 count and the win. HBK starts to leave and is hit in the back with a chair shot from Jericho. Jericho then leaves with his title.)

(We then go back stage where Test and Batista are fighting.)

Batista. Were was the team work Test.

Test: A battle royal is every man for him self. Team be damned I made sure it was a member of Evolution getting in by teaming until the end but after that all for one and well you know the rest.

Batista: That is complete BS why don’t you try to knock me out now.
(they get in eachothers faces)

HHH: Hey what the hell is going on here you two need to shut the hell up and quit crying. Look Batista Test is right every man for him self just like after Test wins and then gets the belt when it is me and him one on one there will be no team.

Test: that’s right.

HHH: Now Batista you have a job to do monster go solve our problem.

(Randy Ortons music hits as he makes his way to the ring. Batista then finally comes out after a pretty long wait and he looks determined. Randy goes for a clothsline but Batista ducks and grabs Randy and clubs him in the back. Batista then picks up Randy for a powerful powerslam. Batista picks Randy up but Randy explodes up he then kicks Batista in the gut and puts him in a head lock but Batista lifts Randy off the ground and drops back to the mat. Batista then lifts Randy and tosses him in to the corner. Batista runs at him with a clothsline but Randy jumps out of the way as Batista runs chest first in to the turnbuckle. Randy then hits a drop kick to Batistas back and Batista falls out of the ring. Batista gets back in the ring ducks a clothsline from Randy and hits Randy with one of his own. Batista then grabs Randy and Randy pushes him back. Rand hits Batista with a clothsline but he gets right back up Randy hits him with another but Batista is up again. Randy then hits him with a drop kick and Batista goes down. Just then Test runs down the ramp and comes in to the ring. Test nails Randy with a big boot as the ref calls for DQ. Batista and Test then jump Randy together. Eventually HHH walks down the ramp with a smile on his face. HHH climbs in the ring as Batista and Test hold Randy. HHH says some words and punches Randy. They all begin to attack him again then out of no where Edge is in the ring and nails HHH with a spear then Batista. Test goes for the big boot but Edge ducks and Nails him with a spear. Edge speared him so hard they both went right through the ropes. Randy and HHH both stand. HHH turns and Randy hits him with the RKO but randy is still obviously hurt. Raw goes off air with Randy holding his ribs with one arm lifting the other in the air smiling as he limps up the ramp.)
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