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Tonights knosn card: Battle Royal , Edge and partner of chosing vs HHH and Test.

(Flair makes his way to the ring.)

Flair: Last week I had some major announcements. Well this week I have some more. After seeing Matt last week and after Kane lost I made a decision. I said last week loser was in the tournament well Kane lost so he is in it. The first match of the tournament is Kane vs Matt Hardy. The second match will be Edge vs who ever wins tonights battle royal, Sorry Edge and the winner of the royal but who ever wins out of you two will have two back to back matches some one had to do it. Also I have made another match for Survivor Series it will be Shelton putting his IC belt on the line against non other then Maven who is making a return tonight and he told me he is hungry and ready for it this time. So both men will not be on TV until Survivor because they will both be resting up to be at 100 percent to give us an amazing match. Concerning tonights battle royal Test will be in this battle royal even though he already has a match tonight. Now lets get started.

(Flair leaves as the contestants for the battle royal make their way to the ring.)

NOTES: Batista and Test worked together until the end when Batista throws Tomko out and Test hits Batista from behind for the win. Batista was pissed and walked off pissed as hell at Test.

Enter Exit Eliminated by Lasted
1.Garrison Cade 1. Batista 10 seconds
2.Batista 9. Test 37 mins
3.Test wins wins wins
4. William Regal 2. Test 1 min
5.Rhyno 7. Batista 20 mins
6.Taijiri 3. Rhyno 2 mins
7.Tomko 8. Batista 12 mins
8.Chuck 5. Rhyno 2 mins
9.Richards 4. Test 15 seconds
10.Coach 6. Rhyno 5 seconds

WINNER – TEST Match Length – 37mins and 5 seconds

(Test is extremely tired but he has to stay in the ring because his match is next. The music of HHH hits as he comes to the ring. HHH congradulates Test. Edges music hits he goes to the foot of the ring and waits for his partner. Randy Ortons music hits the arena and he runs down the ramp both men slide in at the same time. Randy starts hitting HHH Edge jumps on Test. Edge knocks Test against the ropes and Randy knocks HHH against the ropes they switch opponents as Edge hits HHH over the rope with a clothsline and Randy does the same to Test. Both men start yelling at HHH and Test they then have a small celebration and wait for their opponents to come back in the ring. Randy asks to go first and Edge says OK. Triple H then orders Test to start even though he just had the huge battle royal. The ref rings the bell and Test nails Randy with a clothsline. Test picks Randy up but Randy quickly knocks Tests arms out of the way. Randy then throws Test in to the corner.Randy reaches for Test but Test grabs him by the throat and throws him in the corner. Test hits Randy with two right hands. Test then picks Randy up and drops him face first in to the turnbuckle. Test swings at Raandy but Randy blocks and hits Test. Test swings again but once again Randy blocks. Randy kicks Test and hits him with a suplex. Randy goes for another suplex but Test hangs on so Randy can’t. Test then reverses it in to a suplex on Randy. Test throws Randy in to the corner. Test runs at randy and nails him with a big boot in the corner and Randy goes over the top rope. Edge runs in and nails Test with a spinning wheel kick. HHH comes in but Edge hits him with the same. Edge goes back to his corner HHH rolls out of the ring and Randy slides back in after a small rest out side. Randy lifts him self up off the mat after sliding in but Test gets up first and hits Randy with a hard right hand knocking him down Test dives to the corner and tags HHH. Randy dives and tags in Edge. Edge and HHH stare4 at each other when out of nowhere Randy hits a drop kick on HHH. Edge grabs HHH throws him in the corner and runs at him with a dropkick. Edge grabs HHH but HHH knocks his arms out of the way and hits him with a front face DDT. HHH goes for an elbow droop but Edge moves both men get to their feet. Edge nails HHH with a fast clothsline HHH gets back up Edge nails him with another HHH gets back up Edge runs at HHH one more time but HHH hopes in to the air and hits Edge with a knee to the face. HHH then picks Edge up and hits him with at swinging neck breaker. HHH grabs Edges head and starts pounding him with his fist. HHH lifts Edge up but Edge springs up and starts nailing HHH with right hands. HHH falls back in to the corner. Test runs in and hits Edge from behind Test stomps on HHH. Randy tries to get in but the ref won’t let him. HHH and Test jump Edge for a bit they then both place Edge between The Games knees and HHH drops Edge with a pedigree and Test goes back to his corner. HHH pins but Randy breaks it up after two and the ref kicks him out. HHH then tags in Test. Test lifts up Edge and starts nailing him with right hands. Test then throws Edge of the ropes and nails him with a big boot. Test tags in HHH instead of pinning Edge like they are trying to tear him apart or something. Test pushes Edge in the corner and they both stomp on him the ref finally makes Test leave. HHH pulls Edge out of the corner and hits him with a swinging neck breaker. HHH yells at Randy a bit and lifts Edge up. But Edge springs up and nails HHH with Edgeacution both men are down. When they both get up HHH runs at Edge but Edge hits HHH with a back body Drop. HHH raches and barley gets Test tagged in. Edge tags in Randy so he can rest for a second. Test goes for a big boot but Randy ducks and when Test turns Randy hits the RKO. Randy pins HHH runs in to break up the count but Edge nails him with a spear. 1 – 2 – 3 Randy and Edge win. )

(Val Venis’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring with a mic. )

Val: Hey Shawn. Last week was un called for. Why don’t you come down here and fight me like a man instead of getting in a little cheap shot. Ill show you who belongs on heat.

(HBK’s music hits as he runs down to the ring. HBK starts hitting Val with right hands. HBK then nails Val with a DDT. HBK does a dance and tries to finish Val with an early sweet chin music. Val ducks and HBK turns right in to a clothsline. Val sets him up for suplex and nails it. Val goes up top for the money shot but HBK quickly hits the ropes and makes Val fall to his balls. HBK then hits Val with a suplex off the top rope. HBK goes up top and nails Val with an elbow drop off the top rope. Just then Jericho runs down the ramp. HBK stands dances turns and Jericho hits him in the face with the world belt. Val pushes Jericho pissed that he messed with the match so Jericho nails him with the belt to. Jericho puts a bloody HBK in to the walls of Jericho. After about 4 or 5 seconds an explosion goes off and Kane makes his way to the ring. Jericho quickly leaves and Kane waits for HBK to stand when he does Kane choke slams him. Val pushes Kane. Kane nails Val with a right and and grabs him by the throat and throws him so hard over the top rope that Val flies right through the Spanish announce table. Then Matt Hardy runs down the ramp with a chair and nails Kane right in the head.HBK pulls him self up in the corner and stands with Matt. EMTs rush to help Val as raw goes off the air.)
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