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Tonight’s known card: Val Venis vs. Jericho (world title)

(The music of HHH hits as he walks to the ring with a sour look on his face.)

HHH: Last night was pathetic. Flair I had you beat and ready to go clean win and Edge had to come out. You know Edge you have been a thorn in my side since you came to raw and I am damn sick and tired of you. You run your mouth about how you will tear apart Evolution one by one. Well were still here more or less. Randy is gone but Eugene got rid of that piece of crap not you. Flair is gone and he left on his own you didn’t take him out. We still have three and they aren’t going anywhere. Batista should have taken you out last night he didn’t and he paid for that. You see Batista knows his role he is my monster his job is to tear people apart when he doesn’t do his job well lets just say Test is my security and he makes sure the job gets done or that you pay for not doing it. Batista is at home after what Test did to him last night. (The crowd starts laughing.) Oh real mature perverts. Look Edge how about me and you next week well me Test and you with a partner of your choice next week. How about it……. Well I am out here waiting.

(Flairs music hits he walks out with a suit on and a cell phone to his ear. A man walks up to him with a mic. He then hangs up the phone.)

Flair: I bet you are wondering who that was on the phone. Well it was Edge see he is at home resting after his match last night. He told me he accepts you challenge. Now hold on a minute HHH I have a few announcements and ill get back to you. So we all know what is coming up its survivor series. Well I have decided to have a tournament for the world title at survivor series the winner will get a title shot at Armageddon. This will be a 4-man tournament. That’s not all I have already decided the first person to be in it. This person had a great match last night and impressed me so this person is EDGE!! He is the first person to be announced. So every one see that title shot last night what a match those guys did a wonderful job but triple threat is hardly ever fair so tonight there will be a match between the big read machine Kane and the show stopper HBK. The winner gets a title shot one on one with the champ at Survivor Series and the loser gets in the tournament. Also next week I will decide who the third entrant is. Because their will be a battle royal ten men enter one man survives and he will be in the tournament. HHH you will not be allowed in this tournament because you already have a match at Survivor Series and your opponent is…

(Flair lifts his arm up and points to the entrance. As the music of Randy Orton hits the arena.)

HHH: NO NO he is fired gone no more.

Flair: Did you forget who I am HHH I am the GM of Raw I can hire who I want. Eric fired him not me. Oh and Vince fired Eric so guess what Randy is back and at Survivor Series it will be you and him. One on One. If any one interferes they will be fired on the spot. So HHH have fun until Survivor Series.

(Flair and Randy leave with smiles on their faces. HHH is yelling and screaming kicking the ropes. Finally security comes to the ring and makes him leave. Kanes music hits and he makes his way to the ring. HBKs music goes off and he runs to the ring. He gets a couple of right hands on Kane until Kane finally ducks and upper cuts HBK. Kane picks him up for a power bomb but HBK gives him a back body drop. Kane stands and HBK runs at him and Irish whips him in to the corner. HBK runs at Kane with a clothsline in to the corner. Kane falls to the bottom of the corner. HBK drags him out by the foot and goes for a Boston crab but Kane uses his leg strength to toss Shawn off. Both men stand Shawn hits Kane in the face but Kane just stares at him he does it again Kane just stares again He tries again but Kane grabs his hand and HBK kicks him in the gut. HBK goes for a super kick but Kane ducks when Shawn turns Kane hits him with a big boot. Kane puts him in to a reverse chin lock. But Shawn gets a rope break. Kane grabs HBK and throws Shawn off the ropes goes for a clothsline Shawn ducks and does a sunset flip in to a pin on to Kane. He barley gets a two count and Kane kicks out. He tries to pick Kane up but Kane is too much for him. Kane kicks him in the gut and hits him with another big boot. Kane picks him up and throws him in to the corner. But Shawn reverses it and gets Kane in the corner. Shawn then pulls Kane out of the corner and hits him with DDT. Shawn picks Kane up and tries to Irish whip him but Kane is to strong and pulls HBK back for a sidewalk slam. Kane then picks him up kicks HBK in the gut and power bombs/ hits him with a last ride but only gets a 2 count Kane gets pissed and hits him with a back breaker. Pins only gets a two count Kane picks up Shawn again but Shawn hits him with two back elbows that knock Kane against the rope Shawn then drop kicks Kane over the top. HBK rests for a minute and Kane gets back in the ring. Kane swings Shawn ducks kicks Kane in the gut and nails him with DDT. HBK goes up top and nails Kane with an elbow drop off the top rope. He pins but only gets a two count. He lifts Kane up but Kane knocks his arms out of the way and lifts HBK up by the neck holds him in the air for about two seconds and throws him across the ring. Kane rakes his thumb across his throat but his hit by HBK before he can finish. HBK swings Kane ducks HBK turns and is caught with a chokeslam. 1 –2 – HBK kicks out. Kane is pissed he positions him self for another HBK finally gets to his feet just in time for another choke slam. 1- 2 – someone pulls the ref out. Kane looks up and it’s Matt Hardy. Kane looks up in anger as the ref yells at Matt. Kane yells at Matt and turns right in to a Sweet Chin Music HBK just falls on Kane after using his last bit of energy. The ref gets in 1- 2 – 3 HBK wins and gets a shot at Survivor Series. Kane is now in the tournament.)

(Vals music hits as he makes his way to the ring with a determined look on his face. Jericho then makes his way to the ring sporting his World title. He drops the title and slides in the ring. Val jumps on Jericho like a rabid dog. He starts pounding Jericho. He wants the belt bad. Val grabs Jericho and hits him with a snap suplex.. He then goes to Jerichos feet and puts him in a boston crab. Jericho gets to the ropes after about 4 seconds. Val starts stomping on him like crazy. He grabs Jericho and hits him with a Russian leg sweep, He grabs Jericho and starts hitting him with right hands. Followed by a fisherman’s suplex.1- 2- Jericho kicks out right at two. Val grabs Jericho but Jericho quickly hits Val in the gut with his knee. He then lifts Val up for a suplex stays in the air for about 2 seconds and drops back. Jericho then puts Val in to the walls of Jericho. For about 4 seconds un til Val gets the ropes. Jericho waits for Val to stand Val swings Jericho ducks and puts him in another walls. This one lasts for about 7 seconds before Val get to the ropes Jericho lifts Val but Val explodes with a couple of right hands Jericho swings back Val ducks goes behind Jericho tucks his arm behind him and hits him with an over head suplex from behind and Jericho lands on his own arm,. Val picks Jericho up and is met with a knee to the gut. Jericho then picks Val up with one leg and drops him straight down on to the other. Jericho picks Val up kicks him in the gut jumps up in the air and hits him with a hurricanrana. Jericho puts Val in a head lock but Val stands with Jericho still locked on. Val hits Jericho twice in the gut with his elbow. Val then hits Jericho with a clothsline. Val goes to the corner and takes the pad off. Val walks back over to Jericho bends over to grab him and Jericho kicks him in the face. Jericho slowly gets up as does Val. Jericho kicks Val in the gut grabs his legs and puts him in another walls of Jericho. But Val reverse it by grabbing Jerichos legs and Yanking him down he then puts Jericho in a walls of Val I guess. Jericho scrambles for the ropes. Both men jump to their feet Jericho goes for a kick Val grabs his foot and hits him with a dragon screw. Val then puts Jericho in a modified Figure four. Jericho Grabs the ropes. Val picks up Jericho and swings but Jericho ducks goes behind him and Yanks Val straight to the ground he then slaps Val in the head twice. Jericho grabs Val who knees Jericho in the gut Val throws Jericho off the ropes but Jericho comes back off the ropes with a spinning wheel kick. Jericho jumps off the ropes with a lion sault and pins Val. 1 – 2 – 3 Jericho starts to celebrate with his belt when HBKs music hits. HBK slides in the ring with a mic. Val starts to stand and out of no where HBK hits Val with a Sweet Chin Music. )

HBK: Sorry Charlie but this is between to main eventers go back and get ready for heat. (The crowd doesn’t know how to react after Val put on such a great match.)
Jericho at Survivor Series it is me and you. HBK the showstopper and Chris Jericho.

(Jericho grabs the mic from HBK.)

Jericho: I think you mean The iatola of rock and rola the king of bling bling and you.. Look ass clown why even bother if I can beat you and Kane then I can take just you. You might have had a chance back in the day when you had a spark of talent but come on now your nothing. You’re a joke. When was your last title? You told Val to go back to heat well H B K why don’t you go back to 1993 when people actually looked up to you and respected you. (the fans boo) oh boo all you want but you know its true. He is just a joke now. Girls thought you were hot now I am the one that the girls want. Boys wanted to be you now I am the one the boys want to be. These people cheered me until you came out. I say one true thing about you and now look at them crying like any one really likes you. I am done wasting my time now.

(Jericho starts to walk away and Shawn grabs his shoulder and out of no where Jericho hits him in the head with the belt knocking him flat out. Jericho walks out of the ring and raw goes off the air.)
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