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Tonights known card: Edge vs Batista , Shelton, vs Test (IC belt) , HHH vs Flair (no dq falls anywhere) HBK vs Kane vs Jericho (world title)

( Batista heads to the ring followed shortly after by Edge. Edge runs at Batista but Batista quickly hits him with an elbow to the face knocking Edge down. Batista starts picking Edge up and Edge springs up and hits Batista with a knee to the stomach. Edge throws Batista off the ropes and nails him with a drop kick. Batista stands and Edge positions him self behind him for a choke hold. Edge lets go Batista turn Edge hits him with a clothsline Batista stands up and is hit with another he stands again and Edge reaches for him but he pushes Edge away. Batista then nails him with a hard clothsline. Batista picks up Edge for a bear hug and throws him down to the ground. Batista picks up Edges head and punches him a few time. The crowd boos and Batista yells at them for a little bit. Then goes to pick up Edge but Edge elbows him in the gut and throws him off the ropes and gives him a back body drop. Batista gets to his feet and Edge dropkicks him and Batista falls back in to the corner Edge uses all of his strength to lift Batista up top for a hurricanrana off the top rope. Batista stands and Edge hits him with another drop kick. Edge goes up top for an elbow drop but Batista moves. Edge lays in pain for a minute and stands back up but when he stands Batista grabs him and puts him in a gorilla press. Batista grabs Edge but Edge hits him with an elbow and falls back down. Batista recovers and goes back over to pick up Edge again but Edge elbows him again. Batista holds him self for a minute and goes over now to the half standing Edge but Edge elbows him again and this time stands fully up. Edge hits Batista for a few rights and runs off the ropes but Batista hits Edge with a clothsline. Batista grabs Edge for a Batista bomb but when he lifts Edge it is reversed in to a DDT Edge gets to his feet and backs to the corner taunting Batista to get up Batista stands and is nailed with a killer spear. 1- 2- 3 Edge wins.)

( Shelton runs to the ring full of energy shades of the ultimate warrior. Finally the champ runs down the ramp and slides in. Test starts hitting Shelton with right hands He then grabs Shelton’s arm and pulls him in for a knee to the gut Shelton does a front flip landing on his back. Test picks up Shelton and swings at him but Shelton ducks and Test turns in to a super kick. Shelton pins but only gets a two count. He grabs Test but Test springs up Test starts nailing him with right hands then kicks him in the gut and hits him in the back off the head with an elbow. Test tries to drop straight down with an elbow drop but Shelton moves and Test stands back up only to get hit by a drop kick from Shelton. Shelton taunts for a minuts and Test stands up Shelton goes to kick him but Test grabs his foot. Test throws his foot out of the way but Shelton swings it all the way around and its Test in the back off the head. Test falls down Shelton grabs Test and starts hitting him with a right hands one after another. He then grabs Test and hits him with an powerslam pin but only gets a two count. He picks him up again and does the same move again but still only a two count. Shelton picks up Test but Test hits him in the gut with an elbow Shelton turns holding his face Test hits him with a forearm to the back. Test takes the turn buckle padding off. He goes back over to Shelton who starts fightgin back with right Test ducks the Thrid on and puts him in to a full nelson slam. Test pins Shelton kicks out at two. Test yells at the ref and turns in to a right hand from Shelton followed by another and another. Test tries to swing back but Shelton ducks and hits Test in the back with a forearm shot. Shelton picks up Test but Test springs up and hits him with a clothsline he then picks up Shelton and punches him twice he goes to throw Shelton off the ropes but Shelton pulls him back and kicks him in the gut. He puts Test in a headlock but Test hits him in the gut. Test goes for the big boot Shelton ducks and brings Test down with an arm drag followed up by an armbar but Test grabs the rope. Shelton picks Test up but is hit with a right hand followed by another until Shelton is up against the ropes. Test goes to grab him but Shelton hits him with a back body drop over the top rope. Test slides back in the ring and runs at Shelton while he is resting in the corner. Shelton quickly moves and grabs the back of Test head and slams it in to the exposed turn buckle Shelton then rolls Test up from behind for a three count. The winner and new IC champ Shelton Benjamin.)

(The music of HHH hits as he comes to the ring ready to tear Flair apart he slides in the ring in wait of his opponent. Flair’s music hits and he walks to the ring like only he knows how. Flair slides in but is quickly hit with a clothsline from The Game. HHH then grabs Flairs head and starts pounding on him. HHH then starts to pick up Flair but Flair low blows him. Flair then kicks HHH in the gut and lifts him up for a suplex but HHH drops back behind him. HHH grabs Flair from behind but Flair hits him twice in the head with his elbow. Flair grabs HHH for a headlock but gets elbowed in the gut from The Game. HHH grabs Flair but Flair pushed him away. Body slams him. Flair grab his Leg starts walking around says woo and puts HHH in a figure four. He locked it on for about 9 seconds and finally let go. Flair pinned HHH but only gets a one and three quarters count. HHH gets up pretty quick and goes for Flair but Flair knees him in the gut. Flair goes to grab HHH but HHH throws Flairs arms out of the way and hits him with two right hands. He then kicks Flair in the gut throws him off the ropes and hopes in the air right next to the ropes hits Flair in the face with his knee and knocks Flair out of the ring. HHH waits for Flair to get back in and hits him with two more right hands and then a third that knocks Flair right down. HHH grabs Flairs legs to put him in a figure four but is quickly kicked away. Flair gets up but HHH kicks him in the gut and hits him with a front face DDT. He goes for another figure four but Flair kicks him away again this time he jumps behind HHH and hits him with a back suplex. Flair then shows HHH how you put on a real figure four leg lock. HHH lays there for about half a minute in so much pain but refusing to tap out to Flair. Flair lets go and is really pissed, Flair grabs HHH kicks him in the gut and hits him with a swinging neck breaker. Flair plays with the crowd for a little bit and gets them to start going WOOO and cheering for Flair. When he turns HHH nails him with a clothsline. HHH then mounts Flair and nails him with about 12 or 13 punches. HHH stomps on Flair a few times and picks him up. Flair tries to throw HHH but HHH stops dead in his traks and actually hits Flair with a weak spear, He then grabs Flairs head and starts pounding him with one right hand after another for almost a full minute. HHH finally stops picks up Flair kicks him in the gut and gets ready for a pedigree. But Flair reverses it in to a back body drop both men go down. Both men get up about the same time Flair grabs HHH throws him off the ropes and goes for a back body drop but HHH telegraphs it and hits him with a knee to the face this busts Flair open. HHH picks up Flair and starts hitting him with right hand after right hand Flair finally tries to fight back and swing but HHH ducks goes behind him and hits him with a chopblock. He then hits Flair with one of the most powerful suplex ever. HHH picks up Flair kicks him in the gut and hits him with a pedigree. But as soon as he stands Edge slides in to the ring and nails him with a spear. Edge then goes out of the ring gets a chair and gives it to Flair while he helps him stand. Flair waits for HHH to stand up and nails him with a chair so hard the it knocks HHH out. Flair puts HHH in a figure four and the ref rings the bell because HHH passed out. Flair is the winner.)

(HBK enters the ring followed by Kane. Kane swings at HBK but he ducks. Shawn hits Kane with two right hands as Jericho makes his way to the ring. HBK then steps back and hits Kane with a drop kick. Jericho grabs him from behind and throws him off the ropes. On his way back Jericho lifts Shawn up and drops him on his face like a pancake. Jericho turns and Kane hits him with kick to the gut followed by an uppercut. Jericho quickly stands as does HBK. HBK runs and climbs the turn buckle. While Kane throws whips Jericho in to a corner. HBK jumps off the rope with a drop kick but Kane moves and walks to Jericho in the corner. Hits him with a right hand a back elbow and an upper cut Jericho falls down in the corner. HBK tries to pick up Kane but can’t budge him. Kane nails HBK with a hard uppercut. Jericho then chop blocks Kane and tries to pin him but barley even gets a one count. HBK grabs Kane by the arm and drops him face first in to the mat. While Kane is standing HBK runs and hits him with a bulldog. Jericho stands behind Shawn and hits him with a overhead suplex from behind. Kane hits Jericho with a clothsline and when HBK stands he hits him with a big boot. Jericho runs at Kane with a spinning wheel kick but Kane moves and Jericho hits the ref. Kane swings at Jericho but Jericho ducks and drop kicks Kane. Shawn stands and Jericho kicks him in the gut and hits him with a double power bomb pin but the ref is down. Kane upper cuts Jericho to the mat. HBK stands and Kane goes to grab him but Shawn elbows him in the gut. HBK swings but Kane grabs his hand and upper cuts him. Jericho runs at Kane from behind with a Germen suplex. . Jericho grabs Shawn and HBk springs up then hits Jericho with three right hands and a back elbow to knock him down. Then Kane is up and throws HBK in to the corner. Kane runs at him with a clothsline but HBK ducks and Kane runs and hits the corner. HBK grabs Kane and throws him off the ropes. HBK hits Kane with a flying back elbow. He then climbs up top for an elbow drop but Kane moves. Jericho drop kicks Kane in the back of the head. Jericho grabs HBK while he is standing and snaps him to the ground with his head HBK is sitting on the ground and Jericho drop kicks him in the back. He then kicks HBK in the back off the head. Kane grabs Jericho from behind and gives him a sidewalk slam. Then he turns to HBK and hits him with a big boot as Jericho slides out of the ring. He then picks up HBK again and hits him with a hard power bomb slash last ride. Jericho comes back in with a chair and hits Kane in the back. Kane doesn’t go down he just turns and looks at Jericho but Jericho hits him in the head and Kane goes down. Jericho grabs Kane and throws him off the ropes but HBK sneaks up behind Jericho with a reverse DDT. Kane then kicks HBK in the gut and goes for another power bomb but HBK reverses it in to a DDT. Jericho grabs the chair hits HBK in the gut with it and gives him a DDT on to the chair. Jericho then puts him in the walls. For about 14 15 seconds and then lets go because the ref is still down. Kane is in up and in the corner when Jericho lets go and turns Kane nails him with a flying clothsline off the top rope. HBK stands but barley Kane runs at him but he dumps Kane over the top rope. Jericho and HBk both run at each other with a clothsline and both men go down. Kane finally comes back in the ring with a chair and when HBK stands Kane nails him in the head busting HBK open. Jericho drop kicks the chair in to Kanes face. He then goes to the ref and helps him up. Jericho pins Kane but only gets a two count. He puts Kane in the walls but Kane gets the ropes. Shawn finally gets up bleeding all over the place. Jericho picks up Kane and Kane pushes Jericho down. HBK then nails Kane with a sweet chin music kick. Jericho runs and hits Shawn so hard he flys over the top rope. Jericho jumps does the lionsault pins Kane. 1 – 2 – 3 Jericho is still the champ as No Mercy says goodbye.)
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