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(Flairs music hits. He then grabs a mic.)

Flair: Woo! Boy do we have a show tonight. I thought lets make it a surprise so tonight I will make a world title match between HHH and Jericho if HHH wins the match between me and him at no mercy will be for the world title if not every thing stays on schedule. So tonight I decided to give a preview of the triple threat match it will be an insert here match up. This match will consist of Kane , HBK , and whoever decides to come out. If the surprise person can manage to beat both of these men he will have a shot at the champ next week after no mercy. The only people that are excluded are either superstars from smack down superstars that are injured or superstars with a match tonight one more thing about this match there will be absolutely no fighting before the bell rings or no one gets a shot at all.. Now I found a note in my office from Evolution. Batista is requesting a match against Edge so tonight I decided that there will be a tag match Shelton and Edge will go up against Test and Batista. If Test and Batista win then at no mercy it will be Edge versus Batista. Lets get started with our first match.

(Flair leaves. Evolutions music hits as Test and Batista make their way to the ring. Batista grabs a mic.)

Batista: Evolution has a problem and I have taken it upon my self to solve that problem so tonight after Test and I win it will be me and you Edge at no mercy. Oh and Edge make no doubt about it I will solve our problem.

(Edges music hits as he and Shelton make their way to the ring. The Ref manages to keep every one separated. As Shelton and Batista start the match off. Shelton went for a clothsline but Batista ducked and grabed Shelton from behind. Shelton elbowed Batista twice in the face and jumped behind him. Shelton drops Batista with a reverse DDT. Shelton does a little taunt and Batista stands up. Batista runs at Shelton for a clothsline but Shelton ducks and punches Batista thee times in the head then clothsline’s him over the top rope. Shelton tags Edge in. Batista gets back in the ring. Edge hits Batista with a right hand followed by another. Edge then swings behind Batista and kicks his left leg out form underhim. Edge grabs Batista’s legs but Batista kicks him in the face Edge turns in pain and Batista grabs Edge from behind and puts in in a Russian leg sweep. Batista quickly pins Edge but only gets a one count. Batista picks Edge up but Edge kicks Batista in the gut grabs his arm and yanks him down to the ground face first. Edge grabs Batistas leg and kicks the back of it. Then does it again. Edge then puts him in the edgeacution. Edge picks Batista up but Batista punches Edge in the gut. Batista dives to his corner and tags in Test. Edge tags in Shelton. Shelton hits Test with two right hands bounces off the ropes and on his return Batista jumps out of no where with a monster clothsline. Batista and Edge are now both in their corner and Test puts Shelton in a reverse chinlock. Test then lets go goes to his corner and tags in Batista. Batista grabs Shelton off the ground and clubs him in the back Batista throws Shelton off the ropes. Shelton ducks a clothsline and Batista turns just in time for Shelton to hit him with a super kick. Shelton pins him but only gets a two count. Shelon picks up Batista. But Batista springs up and picks Shelton up and drops him balls first on to his knee. He grabs Shelton before he can fall to the ground and gives him what looks like a tiger suplex modified in to a backbreaker. Batista yells and points at Edge. Batista then grabs Shelton puts him in position for a Batista bomb. Batista lifts up Shelton but Shelton quickly reverses it in to a front face DDT. Both men are down. Shelton gets up first and dives to tag in Edge. Batista stands and turns just in time for the spear. Edge pins but Test breaks it up after a two count. Shelton jumps in to hit Test but instead hits the ref with a right hand. The Ref is down for a about four seconds but when he can finally think again he calls for DQ on Edge and Shelton. So it will be Edge and Batista at no mercy.)

(A huge explosion as Kane makes his way to the ring. Then HBKs music goes off and the crowd goes nuts as he slides in to the ring. Kane and HBk stare at each other unable to fight until their other opponent makes his way down and the bell is rang,. Every on wonders who it will be then Val Venis music hits as he makes his way to the ring they all stagr as the ref rings the bell Kane and HBK instantly go after each other Kane goes for a clothsline but HBK ducks HBK bounces off the ropes goes for a clothsline but Kane ducks and gets behind HBK. Val slides out of the ring. Kane grabs Shawn and puts him in a back breaker. Kane picks him up thows him off the ropes and upon his return back Kane hits him with a big boot. Kane picks up Shawn and gives him a hip toss. Val slides in behind Kane and hits him with a full nelson slam. Val goes for Kanes legs but Kane kicks him off Kane goes to grab Val but HBK comes up from behind and tries for a atomic drop but he can’t lift Kane. Kane bumps Shawn off and goes to grab him but Val hits Kane with another full nelson slam. Then HBK hits Val with a snapmato takedown and applies a headlock Val quickly gets to his feet and reverses it in to a arm lock HBK does a front flip lands on his feet and uses his other arm to trip Val from behind. HBK then picks up Val. Shawn throws Val off the ropes jumps behind him for a sunset flip roll up pin. Val grabs the ropes before he can even get a one count. Kane stands up on the other side of the ring. Kane then grabs Shawn and gives him a sidewalk slam. Val then puts HBK in a chin lock on the ground. Shawn grabs the ropes. HBK quickly gets to his feet. Val hits him in to the ropes and Kane hits Val in the back and knocks him down. Kane grabs HBK and hits him with another sidewalk slam. Val stands and Kane nails him with a big boot. Kane then picks up Val grabs him by the throat and hits him with a chokeslam. Kane pins him but HBK barley manages to break it up at two. HBK stands but is having pain in his back. Kane takes advantage and hits him with a hard right hand that knocks him down Kane then picks him up and grabs him by the throat and throws him across the ring. Val Venis then gives Kane a chop block from behind with the little bit of energy he could bring up. Finally Val stands up and pins HBK. 1 – 2 – HBK kicks out. Val then picks up HBK and gets him set up for a suplex. HBK reverses it and hits Val with a suplex. HBK does a little dance and turns right in to Kane who grabs Shawn by the throat and hits him with a chokeslam. 1 – 2- Val dives on top and breaks up the pin. He managed to knock Kane right out of the ring. He then hits HBK with a right hand followed by another and then another. Then finally one more HBK is dizzy. Val grabs him in to a headlock and then hits him with a modified back breaker. Kane then slides in and hits Val with an upper cut. Kane grabs Val and throws him across the rign by the neck. HBK stands and Kane nails him with a big boot. Kane goes to pick up Shawn and HBK hits him with a low blow Kane bends over in pain Shawn then starts hitting him with right hand after right hand till Kane is barley standing. He then drop kicks Kane down. Val runs at Shawn with a clothsline but HBK ducks and hits Val with a back elbow. He springs to his feet and starts tuning up the band Kane stands at he is hit with the SWEET CHIN MUSIC. HBK struts and Val hits him like a train HBK is knocked threw the ropes Val pins Kane. 1- 2- 3 Val Venis wins and gets a shot the night after no mercy at whom ever the champ might be.)

(Its time to play the game as HHH makes his way to the ring. Followed by Jericho the world champ. As soon as Jericho slides in HHH goes for a clothsline but Jericho ducks and goes behind HHH. Jericho trips HHH from behind. He grabs The Game by the foot but is kicked off. HHH then grabs Jericho from behind and drops him with a reverse DDT. HHH picks Jericho up in to the air by one leg and drops him on the other. HHH picks up Jericho and gets behind to go for a germen suplex. Jericho quickly hits HHH in the face with his elbow. Jericho goes the throw HHH off the ropes but HHH pulls Jericho to him and kicks him in the gut. HHH hits Jericho with a right hand followed by another he then put Jericho in a headlock but Jericho quickly hits him in the gut twice with his elbow. Jericho hits HHH with a right and followed by a spinning wheel kick. Jericho gets a breather for a second and HHH stands up. Jericho quickly reacts with a back hand to the chest. They both lock it up. Jericho grabs HHH by the arm knees him in the stomach. HHH bends over and Jericho jumps in the air and hits HHH with a hurricarana. Jericho picks up HHH and whips him in to the corner. Jericho comes at him but HHH grabs Jericho and tosses him in to the corner. HHH kicks Jericho in the mid section twice then Jericho falls down in the corner. HHH stomps on him twice and then chokes him with his foot. HHH picks up Jericho on to the top rope and hits him with a superplex. Jericho kicks out at two. HHH picks Jericho up and throws him off the ropes. Jericho ducks a clothsline and rolls HHH up from behind for a two count. They both get to their feet quick. Jericho goes for a clothsline but HHH ducks and hits Jericho from behind with a chop block. HHH then takes Jerichos leg and raps it around his and drops to his back. Jericho scrambles to the ropes in pain. HHH lets go. Jericho quickly rolls to his feet behind HHH and rolls him up again for another two count. When HHH stands Jericho grabs him by the arm and drops him face first. Jericho goes for the walls but HHH kicks him off and gets to his feet. HHH tries to grabs Jericho but Jericho hits him with a knee. Jericho tries to grabs HHH but HHH knees Jericho in the gut. HHH swings at Jericho but Jericho ducks. HHH turns and Jericho hits him with a chest chop. Jericho then hits him with a clothsline. Jericho goes up top for a splash but HHH grabs the ref and pulls him in to the way and Jericho lands on the Ref. HHH slides out side and grabs the title. HHH gets back in and tires to hit Jericho but Jericho ducks and hits HHH with a running inzagurri. Jericho grabs the belt and when HHH stands Jericho hits him with it. Jericho throws the belt out. Jericho goes over and revives the ref. Jericho then runs Jumps over HHH on to the ropes hits HHH with a lionsualt and gets a three count. The winner and still world champion Chris Jericho. Jericho celebrates when all of a sudden all of evolution comes to the ring. Batista and Test both slide in. Test nails Jericho with a big boot. Then both men just start pounding on him. Edge and Shelton both run down and start fighting Test and Batista off Jericho almost gets to his feet when Kane runs down and hits him with a big boot then Jericho starts standing and is hit with a chokeslam. HBK runs down and when Kane turns he is hit with a supper kick. Flair starts coming down the ramp with a steel chair. HBK does a little dance and then HHH kicks him and gives him a pedigree. Batista, Test, Edge and Shelton have already battled out of the arena. HHH stand the only person left grabs the belt holds it up turns and Flair nails him with a steel chair. Raw goes off air with Flair holding up a chair yelling at The Game.)
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