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Tonights known card: Garrison Cade vs Test , HHH vs Kane , re match HBK vs Jericho

( Garrison Cade heads to the ring. Then Test enters. Test quickly jumps on Cade and starts punching him Test then grabs Cades arm and throws him to the ropes. Test nails Cade with a cloths line. Test picks Cade up and hits him with a suplex then Test goes to the top rope and jumps off Test nails Cade with a elbow drop. Test mounts Cade and starts hitting him with many right hands. Test finally stops goes to the ropes and bounces off and hits cade with a quick elbow drop. Test picks Cade up throws him in the corner runs with a clothsline Cade stumbles out of the corner and Test hits him with a bulldog Test grabs Cade for a pump handle but Cade drops behind Test and rolls out of the ring to recover. Test tries to reach over the ropes and grab Cade but Cade grabs Tests legs and yanks him to the mat Cade then slides back in and stomps on Test like a mad man. Cade then goes up top but Test is up and pulls Cade off the top rope. Test puts Cade on his shoulder and hits him with the pump handle. Test pins and gets a 3 count the match is over Test wins. Cade rolls out of the ring as Test grabs a mic.)

Test: Shelton that is only a small dose of what I will be doing to you at no mercy. So I hope you were paying attention. This belt is mine and you can’t have it. What an ironic situation its called no mercy its ironic because that’s what I will be showing,
(sheltons music hits.)

Shelton: First of all Test I think you need to look the work Ironic up you would be surprised to see what it means. Test that was a very impressive victory you beat a lesser talent then your self. You beat Garrison Cade I mean that guy is like legend.
(he smiles and then continues)
Look Test no mercy that belt is mine like it or not so don’t get to attached to it. Cause when it is all said and done your looking at the next IC champ.

HHH: Kane what the hell I am up against Kane!Flair is going down for this.

Batista: You got Flair at no mercy tonight you need to worry about Kane.

(Kanes music hits as he enters the ring. HHH is next. HHH is reluctant but soon slides in to meat the monster. Kane grabs for HHH but HHH quickly ducks and hits Kane from behind with a chop block. HHH then puts Kane in a head lock on the ground. Kane stands with HHH still locked on. Kane then lifts HHH up in the air and drops him on the ropes they connect right between his legs. HHH falls to the out side. Kane goes over the top rope to get him but HHH hits him with a low blow. The ref warns HHH so HHH shoves him down. HHH then goes and grabs a sledge hammer and hits Kane in the head. The ref calls for DQ. Flairs music hits.)

Flair: You aren’t getting out of this that easy HHH get in the ring when Kane gets up and gets back in the match will continue. No weapons this will be a clean match or you will be fired.

(HHH gets in the ring pissed off. Kane finally stands up a bloody mess and gets back in the ring the ref rings the bell. HHH goes for a clothsline but Kane ducks when HHH turns Kane hits him with his elbow. Kane grabs HHH goes to punch him in the gut but HHH quickly shoves his knee in to Kanes gut. HHH grabs Kane and hits him with a spine buster. HHH puts Kane in a figure four leg lock to taunt Flair. Kane is in pain The hold is on for about six seconds before Kane grabs the rope. HHH stands up He picks up Kane and hits him with a hard right hand. Kane stumbles HHH grabs Kane and puts him in a head lock but Kane quickly hits HHH in the gut with his elbow. Kane grabs HHH by the neck and throws him across the ring. Kane stumbles for a moment and holds his head. Kane then heads back toward HHH. HHH quickly gets up. Kane swings HHH ducks and hits him with a back body suplex. HHH picks up Kane and drops him again with a front face DDT further injuring that head of his. HHH then puts Kane in another figure four leg lock. After about seven seconds Kane gets to the rope again. HHH lets go grabs Kane lifts him up and hits him with a snap suplex. HHH grabs Kanes head and starts pounding right on the open wound. HHH picks up Kane kicks him in the gut and hit him with a pedigree. HHH pins 1 – 2 – right before the three Kane gets his foot on the ropes. HHH is shocked and yells at the ref. Kane gets up and when HHH turns around he is hit with a big boot. Kane falls as well from his head injury. Both men are down. HHH gets up first and for some odd reason goes up top for a splash. Kane gets his knees up and they connect with The Games gut. Kane slowly gets up and picks up HHH. Kane grabs HHH lifts him up for a power bomb but HHH turns it in to a front face DDT. HHH grabs Kane and hits him with another pedigree this time for a three count. HHH celebrates but after a little while Kane gets back up and hits HHH with a chock slam. Kane exits the ring then eventually HHH leaves. HHH enters the locker and sees Test out cold on the ground and Batista bloody in the corner. Then out of no where Edge nails HHH with a spear through the wall.)

(HBK’s music goes off through the arena followed by Jericho’s. Both men are in the glaring at one another. Before they are even able to take one swing Kane interrupts the match by walking back down the ring blood still all over his face. Kane slides in the ring and both men jump on him. Eventually HBK hits the sweet chin music on Kane then Jericho does the lionsault. Both men turn on each other with right hands. Finally Jericho gets the upper hand and hits HBK up against the ropes Jericho runs at him but HBK quickly moves and launches him over the rope. HBK does a little dance and his hit with a chock slam from Kane. Jericho sees Kane standing and quickly leaves up the ramp. Kane then grabs HBK and hits him with another chock slam. Kane finally leaves HBK in the ring motionless as Raw goes off the air.)
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